Plum Cove School Playground Project

Here’s a picture from Kristin Michel of the Plum Cove School Playground project that the Sig Hansen fund raiser helped pay for. Soon the playground equipment will be installed and the kids will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

How to F^@K Up a Lobster Roll- For The New Readers

This morning I was checking the web for pictures of other people’s lobster rolls to stack up against Mrs Captjoes’

What I found was shocking and disturbing. It seems these mooks up in Maine have found a way to fuck up ruin a perfectly good lobster roll. Listen to me, under no circumstances should the words lettuce, paprika, French baguette, or celery enter the equation when speaking about lobster roll preparation.

I ran across a blog from a nice fellow from Ohio, Curt who runs a great blog about grilling and bread- Bucky’s BBQ and Bread. He details on his blog his exploits in Maine trying to find the perfect lobster roll and comes up with four entries all of which have critical flaws in what they call a lobster roll.

Here is one of Bucky’s pictures-copyright 2008 Curt McAdams

Henry VIII Lobster Roll

Can you spot the how wrong this is????? Lettuce???? French Baguette??? What kind of pansy ass bullshit are those Mainer’s trying to pull off on their poor unsuspecting tourists that don’t know any better?

Thank you Curt for providing that photo as an example of what not to do to bastardize such a wonderful Northeast tradition as a lobster roll.

Take notes Son

For the proper way to prepare a lobster roll see this post

Lobster Roll Ingredients

Worls Greatest Lobster Roll

Third Place Winner In The Downtown Merchants Flower Box Competition- The Black Swan

The Black Swan is located at 47 Main Street in the heart of Downtown Gloucester.  The Black Swan participates in the Sustainable Cape Ann & The Cape Ann Business Incubator’s Where The Locals Go coupon book program.

Congrats on your third place finish out of a strong field, and thank you for making Gloucester a more beautiful place.

Black Swan, originally uploaded by captjoe06.