Some highlights from the Sclafani’s Italian Bakery Video, Links Too Their Instagram and Website and Address

This cheese right here…

Follow Sclafani’s Italian Bakery On Instagram Here-

Check Out Their Website Here-

49 Washington Street
Gloucester MA 01930


GloucesterCast 563 Bark Madness Elite 8 Live From Minglewood Harborside Livestreaming 3/30/22 Link to join here-

GloucesterCast 563 Bark Madness Elite 8 Live From Minglewood Harborside Livestreaming 3/30/22 Link to join here-

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One Hour at a Time Gang Clean up

Morning all:

Thank you for clean up last week at Good Harbor Beach.  One of the issues we saw last week was starch tickets everywhere.  Any suggestions what we can do to prevent the littering of scratch tickets?  I talked to someone at the lottery about this and they reminded me that some of tickets have a second chance.

When:                  Saturday, April 2, 2022

Where:                 Magnolia Avenue, starting near Kondelin Road

Time:                     0:9:00- 10:00 am

Please bring gloves and pickers.  I will bring the yellow bags.

Thank you all

Take care


Donna Ardizzoni

Business Manager

Circle Consulting Group

PO Box 5506

Gloucester, MA  01930


339-234-0776 cell



Operation Troop Support

The American Legion Riders and the Legion Auxiliary have coordinated a “PACK UP” for Operation Troop Support this Saturday followed by a BBQ by the Riders. We need your hands and strong arms to unload trucks of boxes that need to be filled, sealed, and labeled, and then reloaded back into the truck. Come for an hour, stay for the entire event.
The Community is Welcome!

Gloucester Oscars | CODA afterglow Front Page Gloucester Daily Times

A joyous read for Gloucester and movie fans everywhere, Gloucester Daily Times front page serves as a beacon to the triple Oscar winning film CODA with great reporting by Ethan Forman and Gail McCarthy and photographs by Paul Bilodeau.

REPORTER Ethan Forman

Ethan Forman’s piece features multiple local interviews, businesses and locales.

“…CODA did not turn to special effects to tell the story on the water. Instead, it turned Capt. Paul Vitale’s 50 foot fishing vessel Angela + Rose into a working movie set in August and September of 2019.”

Ethan Forman. Gloucester Daily Times, March 30, 2022 | Read the complete article here

“They are definitely the little film that could,” said Meg Jarrett, of Gloucester, the liaison for Cape Ann for the Massachusetts Film Office, who spoke of the importance of CODA’s success, saying it will make it easier to film other productions on Cape Ann.”

Ethan Forman CODA coverage in the Gloucester Daily Times March 30, 2022


“This is Our Moment”: Deaf Community Celebrates 3 Oscar Wins for ‘CODA’

Gail McCarthy continues her excellent CODA chronicling

“Gloucester is at the center of an independent film that sent not a ripple, but a tidal wave throughout the Deaf community with its message being heard at the White House and around the world.

The cinematic pebble that started that ripple was the film “CODA,” which stands for Child of Deaf Adult(s), but coda is a term often linked more to the music world than the Deaf community.

That began to change Sunday night…”

Gail McCarthy, Gloucester Daily Times, March 30, 2022 read the full article here

See prior Gail McCarthy piece here

**updated: correction brain freeze – apologies for crediting Sean Horgan instead of Ethan Forman in the first pass! Sorry Ethan**

Cameron Beavers Loved Gloucester

Hi Joey,I am writing to you about my husband, Cameron, who passed away on 2/21/22.  We were previously residents of the North Shore, and had also lived in W Mass. We loved Gloucester, and even came there for our dentist, Dr .Bakland, thanks to you.  The Fisherman’s Statue was my husband’s favorite spot. We moved to Florida 2 years ago, to be near our daughter & ‘son’–in-law.  (In fact, while you were recently in St Pete, we emailedyou  about St Pete & the area.)I’d like to ask if you would please post a tribute to my husband on GMG.  It would mean a great deal.  He loved listening to some of the GMG podcasts with me, and always had a good laugh.I’ve attached a photo of him, and what I’d like to share & to have people know about him. He was a very special, and very loved man. Always will be.Thank you.Best,


Cameron Beavers

Cam first and foremost was an honorable, giving, loving, gentle, kind man with a great sense of humor, who was generous to a fault. Everyone else always came first.

He had 2 degrees and spent his life writing state, federal, and foundation grants for education, job-retraining, and programs for the elderly. He brought in over $3 million+ in his career.  After retiring, he served as a volunteer tutor at his granddaughter’s school, and was chosen for a district –wide award while there.

We raised a daughter and son together, and he made sure they were well-educated and had lessons/training in any interests they sought to pursue.  He felt it important to allow them to follow their dreams, and to help them learn to be open-minded and caring. We always did a lot as a family. And, he made sure we took them to museums, parks, the shore, etc., as he sought to expand their horizons.

Cam loved the ocean, history, planes & flying, reading, visiting museums, art, music, and woodworking. He grew up singing in a boy choir which travelled the USA.

His favorite place was the Fisherman’s Statue. We came there often from Salem, where we lived while on the North Shore. Gloucester was top of the list.

Cam dearly loved his daughter, son, their spouses, and his grandchildren & granddogs.  He was the best gift life gave me.

Following his wishes, Cam was cremated and we scattered his ashes at sea. He was called home by God, and also home to the ocean he loved.

                               He loved deeply, and was and will always be dearly loved and greatly missed.

-Judy B

👟 Dust off your Sneakers- Bluefin Blowout Family Fun Run 👟

Happy Spring! Time to dust off your sneakers and get ready for the 
👟 Bluefin Blowout Family Fun Run 5k 👟
Presented by the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group – Benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association
Sunday, May 15th, 2022


Join us on Sunday, May 15th, 2022 at Stage Fort Park, Gloucester  for the Bluefin Blowout Family Fun Run 5K, Presented by the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group – Benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association.
Run, walk, or stroll from Stage Fort Park to Hammond Castle and back to Stage Fort Park for a 5K loop. Enjoy the beautiful Cape Ann waterfront and fresh ocean air while raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association.
Start a team; invite family, friends, colleagues. 
7:00am- Volunteers Check-In
7:30am – Registration & Participant Check-In
8:30am – Race Start
Registration Fees: Adults – $40  Kids – $20


Video Pleas- Bark Madness Elite 8 In The GMG Cutest Dog Contest With Prizes Sponsored By SeaPort Veterinary Hospital Voting Ends Tonight, Wednesday Evening At 6PM. The Final 4 Round Commences Right After!

Click The Video to see Owner Submissions

I gave the Elite Eight Dog Owners the opportunity to submit video pleas on behalf of their doggos. We will be livestreaming the results of the Elite Eight tonight starting at 5:15PM live from Minglewood Harborside (Thanks Zach) and the final four will be invited immediately at 6PM to join the live stream. Catch the livestream at

Get your popcorn ready, It’s gonna be a fun night!!!!!!!

Here are the remaining 8 dogs

The size of the photos are not selected by me, it is randomly generated by the WordPress gallery software.

If you subscribe to the blog you won’t miss the results-

All prizes generously donate. by SeaPort Veterinary Hospital

First prize $250 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $250 Cape Ann Gift Certificate, Second Prize $150 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $150 Cape Ann Gift Certificate, Third Prize $100 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $100 Cape Ann Gift Certificate.


There are two sets of brackets to fill out, a blue one and a red one. Please complete both. When we get to the finalist of the red and blue brackets those two will face off in the championship.


When you go to the brackets you can click on each dog’s picture to expand them.

turn off your wifi if more than one person in your house is voting because it is isp restricted



Here is the final couple of minutes of the brackets just before the close of round 1 and start of round 2-

Pick your favorites in the red and blue brackets above!

Thank You, Joey

Thank you, Joey…..LOTS of time and effort has gone into this. Minnow was eliminated in a super close battle, by one vote, during the first round of bracket eliminations….. however, that doesn’t mean we haven’t had a ton of fun following along and cheering for our favorite dogs. While he may not agree, we’d be remiss (inside joke) to not mention just how much time Joey has spent on Bark Madness! Personally, I’ve found it pretty cool to see people’s dogs…who I normally would never have “met.” While I knew several of the contestants, there were so many other times when I found myself saying, “Awww….look at so-and-so’s dog….I didn’t now he/she had a __________.” In a very innocent, non-political, non slap-heard-around-the-world, non finger pointing, way this Bark Madness competition has rallied lots of people together in some March fun (a month that could always use some more sunshine). So, thanks Joey for the time and energy you put into it….which was over and above the already giant amount of time you already put into the blog. It has been loads of fun. Good luck to the finalists!