GloucesterCast 562 Exclusive With Barbara Lynch At The Rudder Livestreaming 3/28/22

GloucesterCast 562 Exclusive With Barbara Lynch At The Rudder Livestreaming 3/28/22

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Summer’s Coming! Help Gloucester Greet Visitors

If you have ever considered volunteering at the Welcome Center at Stage Fort Park, this might be the year to take the leap. It’s easy and fun as well as enlightening. Carol is a great coordinator, very easy to work with. 3 hours a week throughout the summer season but if you need to miss a shift, that can easily be arranged. Contact Carol if interested. See you at the Welcome Center!

In Search of Fish

While I often joke about how much time I spend sitting on a rock, or along a riverbank, or in my car…..or pacing the aisles of tackle stores….or leaving the pool on vacation to find the perfect lure and fishing spot (an entire birthday vacation back in June was custom built by Finn in pursuit of catching some big fish) …. I adore how much Finn loves to fish. His cousin, my nephew, loves to fish even more than Finn. So, yesterday we spent 1/2 the day in pursuit of some funky little fishing spots in Lawrence (of all places….weird when you live in Gloucester) because the boys were desperate to catch some carp. They follow lots of different fishing pages and use an app that tells them where/when/how many fish are being caught. This white sucker fish was the catch of the day yesterday (don’t mind the hockey hair).

BARK MADNESS Round Of 32 Doggo Photos and links to Next Round Voting! The GMG Cutest Dog Contest With Prizes Sponsored By SeaPort Veterinary Hospital Round Two Ends Monday Night at 6PM. Voting links in the red and blue brackets are in this post!

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First prize $250 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $250 Cape Ann Gift Certificate, Second Prize $150 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $150 Cape Ann Gift Certificate, Third & Fourth Prizes $100 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $100 Cape Ann Gift Certificate.


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The final few minutes of round one voting livestream.

Here is the round of 32. Voting ends at 6PM and the Round of 16 voting will commence right when this round ends.

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Unveiling Fisherman’s Memorial Statue in 1923

Nearly 100 years ago, the official unveiling of the iconic Fisherman’s Memorial statue was held on our beloved boulevard. Fortunately, some video footage was saved. Unfortunately, this clip is covered by licensing restrictions but you can click this link to watch it yourself. Take a few minutes to watch, especially as we approach the 400th anniversary of our fair City! In the meantime, here’s a screenshot from the University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collection (MIRC) so you know you are in the right place if you visit the site.

Aging gracefully it seems: