Cameron Beavers Loved Gloucester

Hi Joey,I am writing to you about my husband, Cameron, who passed away on 2/21/22.  We were previously residents of the North Shore, and had also lived in W Mass. We loved Gloucester, and even came there for our dentist, Dr .Bakland, thanks to you.  The Fisherman’s Statue was my husband’s favorite spot. We moved to Florida 2 years ago, to be near our daughter & ‘son’–in-law.  (In fact, while you were recently in St Pete, we emailedyou  about St Pete & the area.)I’d like to ask if you would please post a tribute to my husband on GMG.  It would mean a great deal.  He loved listening to some of the GMG podcasts with me, and always had a good laugh.I’ve attached a photo of him, and what I’d like to share & to have people know about him. He was a very special, and very loved man. Always will be.Thank you.Best,


Cameron Beavers

Cam first and foremost was an honorable, giving, loving, gentle, kind man with a great sense of humor, who was generous to a fault. Everyone else always came first.

He had 2 degrees and spent his life writing state, federal, and foundation grants for education, job-retraining, and programs for the elderly. He brought in over $3 million+ in his career.  After retiring, he served as a volunteer tutor at his granddaughter’s school, and was chosen for a district –wide award while there.

We raised a daughter and son together, and he made sure they were well-educated and had lessons/training in any interests they sought to pursue.  He felt it important to allow them to follow their dreams, and to help them learn to be open-minded and caring. We always did a lot as a family. And, he made sure we took them to museums, parks, the shore, etc., as he sought to expand their horizons.

Cam loved the ocean, history, planes & flying, reading, visiting museums, art, music, and woodworking. He grew up singing in a boy choir which travelled the USA.

His favorite place was the Fisherman’s Statue. We came there often from Salem, where we lived while on the North Shore. Gloucester was top of the list.

Cam dearly loved his daughter, son, their spouses, and his grandchildren & granddogs.  He was the best gift life gave me.

Following his wishes, Cam was cremated and we scattered his ashes at sea. He was called home by God, and also home to the ocean he loved.

                               He loved deeply, and was and will always be dearly loved and greatly missed.

-Judy B

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