Thank You, Joey

Thank you, Joey…..LOTS of time and effort has gone into this. Minnow was eliminated in a super close battle, by one vote, during the first round of bracket eliminations….. however, that doesn’t mean we haven’t had a ton of fun following along and cheering for our favorite dogs. While he may not agree, we’d be remiss (inside joke) to not mention just how much time Joey has spent on Bark Madness! Personally, I’ve found it pretty cool to see people’s dogs…who I normally would never have “met.” While I knew several of the contestants, there were so many other times when I found myself saying, “Awww….look at so-and-so’s dog….I didn’t now he/she had a __________.” In a very innocent, non-political, non slap-heard-around-the-world, non finger pointing, way this Bark Madness competition has rallied lots of people together in some March fun (a month that could always use some more sunshine). So, thanks Joey for the time and energy you put into it….which was over and above the already giant amount of time you already put into the blog. It has been loads of fun. Good luck to the finalists!

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