A visit to Marshalls Farm Stand

Went over to Marshalls Farm Stand on Wednesday to take a look at the new metal Alpaca made by the talented artist Chris Francis.  I love visiting my friends the alpacas when over there.  These gentle animals are fun and so cute.  Also do not forget the goats, Ben and Jerry.


Visiting Marshalls Farmstand

When shopping at Marshalls Farm Stand saw an exciting sign.  Marshalls Farm stand will be open until Christmas.  After getting some fresh veggies and fruit went over to visit my friends, the alpacas and goats.  Frankie she wanted to hang with me and the goats were making lots of great noises.  Also noticed this unusual pumpkin.



Every once in a while you’ll hear me say how smart my boys are….and then, one of them will say something like, “Well, obviously that goat is a boy.”

And my bubble is burst.

And…to make matters worse, I’m pretty sure the goat to the far right was teasing him…and the goat in the middle was snickering.

“Did you hear what that kid said?  He thinks Gertrude over here is a boy.”


So much for the Topsfield Fair being a learning experience.