Please Submit Your Nomination For The GMG Gloucester’s Best Tuna Sub Challenge. Nomination Period Will Run Through Sunday at 8AM

Top four nominations for best Gloucester Tuna Sub as submitted in the comments on this post.

To submit a nomination you click the title of this post and then under the post where it says “Leave a comment”, click that and write the name of the sub joint who you consider makes the best Tuna Sub in Gloucester.

You can only vote once and anonymous votes don’t count.

Judges should not submit a nomination.  It shows bias and I want the most impartial judges possible. Thank You.

There will also be voting on Facebook which will be added. If you vote twice both of your votes will be removed.

Nomination period runs through Sunday at 8AM (or until Joey deems four joints clear runaways).

Once we tally up the top four sub shops according to your nominations, 4 GMG contributors independently and at the same time order the exact same subs to go from the nominated sub shops.  We pick them up and bring them back to the dock.

Then we place them on the digital scale for the Weigh-In.  We will divide the weight into the price and come up with the best value weight wise. Then we cut it in half and then in quarters to look at the cross section for the equal distribution of tuna.  If a place loads up the sub in the middle and leaves the ends empty they will be exposed.  Packaging and Sogginess Factor will be a new category which will be scored as well.

Then we each take a quarter of the sub and grade based on taste.

We will present the findings in a post to the readership.

I’m pumped for this challenge!

So start sending in your nominations now in the comment section of this post (again if you don’t see words that say leave a comment directly below this post then click on the title of the post and you should see where you can submit a nomination).

Also please share the link through Facebook or twitter using the buttons below the post to get the most nominations as possible.

36 thoughts on “Please Submit Your Nomination For The GMG Gloucester’s Best Tuna Sub Challenge. Nomination Period Will Run Through Sunday at 8AM

  1. Mile Marker One’s TUNA NIÇOISE SANDWICH
    cured local tuna with arugula, sliced egg, cucumber, petite green beans, sliced onion, Niçoise olives, and generous extra virgin oil on a crusty French roll
    One might not call it a “sub” but it is delicious and made with local tuna – delicious.


  2. WillowRest Cove Tuna Sandwich! Always fresh delicious Tuna and pickles on choice of roll. I lay in bed at some nights and think of this!


  3. Yellow Submarine is best! Very generous, and has a unique mayonnaise that they use. Staff has always been accommodating when I travel back home, a 9 hour drive. They actually give me each component of the sub in a container and wraps the bread so that I can put it together when I get home, to share it with my family! Yellow Submarine is clearly customer oriented!


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