Mom’s Kitchen One Year Later

Where are you having breakfast this morning? May I suggest Mom’s Kitchen on Commercial Street? We stopped by this week in a tribute to having been at Mom’s Kitchen one year ago this week (March 12) after they had just reopened, but, ironically, everything else was starting to shutdown due to COVID 19. We have come a long way this year and it seemed logical to start this “new” post vaccination era with our friends at Mom’s Kitchen.

We podcast from there last March with the Mayor, Gloucester Public Health Director Karin Carroll and Sista Felicia. We didn’t intend for it to turn into such the chaos that it did during the podcast with shutdowns being announced steadily as we broadcast. We just didn’t know then where this was all going. Here’s the link to GMG Gloucestercast 387 in case you are interested from March 12 2020.

In the meantime, we visited this past week in cautious optimism that things may begin to look more normal soon. Jim had a veggie omelet, I had scrambled eggs with homemade salsa (excellent). We had a nice chat with Mom herself. The meal was relaxed, easygoing and satisfying, while maintaining necessary protocols. All our restaurant friends have had a heck of a time and we plan to try to support as many as we can as long as we feel safe…..and we have felt safe in all that I have shared with you all.

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