Dear Bluefin Blowout enthusiasts:

Today’s warm weather and SW wind help get the adrenaline going from my vantage point on Mussel Point as you enter Gloucester Harbor.  With the longer days approaching, the interest level and communication to our Facebook page and website have us charged up for a tournament.  Not just any tournament, but the best one in the Northeast…..The Bluefin Blowout.  It might be because some of the relaxing restrictions of the Covid-19 lockdown, the weather, boats getting ready to be dipped or maybe the new season of Wicked Tuna.  All that said, we are still in a holding pattern.  The best way I can describe our situation is that the state and the city of Gloucester still have guidelines that must be adhered to.  The last thing we need is for all the good that is the Bluefin Blowout be tarnished by us jumping to a schedule that we really can’t promise.  We know that our friends at Cape Ann’s Marina want to put on the tournament; we sure have the most outstanding fleet of competitive captains and crews; and the best Bluefin Tuna fishery in the Northeast just miles from the Annisquam. We also know that the city still has St. Peter’s Fiesta on hold as well as many of the 5k road races that take place on spring and summer weekends.  So we have a challenge and that challenge is for me to continue to work with Cidalia, Drew, and Kruti as we wait patiently for more news that restrictions will continue to be lifted. It may take as long as Memorial Day to make a decision.  The scheduled dates of the tournament are 7/29 to 7/31.  We would hope to hold our second ever Bluefin Bash on Monday, 7/26.  This Alzheimer’s benefit dinner and auction raised over $200,000 when we last put it on in 2019.  The total charitable donations were $366,000 that year breaking all records of the past.  I guess I could have simply written “we still don’t know,” but I really want all our teams, spectators, and sponsors to know that we will do everything we can to put on the Bluefin Blowout in the best fishing community in New England….Glosta!

Warren Waugh

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