Eagle Pair Returns to Magnolia

We were very happy to see an eagle fly into a tree in our Magnolia yard and examine an abandoned hawk nest. We have seen this a few times over the past few weeks but yesterday we got quite a show! The eagle sitting in the hawk nest got actively harassed by a red tail hawk, screeching in protest at the bigger predator. The eagle took off, stick in mouth and I lost it for a bit. Then an eagle landed in another tree at the edge of the marsh then took off in a soaring flight back and forth over a wide area. Pretty soon, another eagle joined up and this couple stuck together as an intruder interrupted their peaceful Sunday flyover. At first we thought the intruder was a hawk, but closer examinations of the photos puts that in doubt for me. The third bird had coloring that suggests it could be a juvenile eagle but I am just not certain. Perhaps someone out there with more detailed knowledge will weigh in?

Anyhow, one of the eagles and the intruder skirmished a bit in mid flight before the second eagle came in as reinforcement. This lasted several minutes overhead and was difficult to photograph so high in the sky so some of these are a little bit fuzzy. It was an amazing sight to witness. After a bit, the eagle couple flew off together toward the harbor and we hope to see them again soon!!!

4 thoughts on “Eagle Pair Returns to Magnolia

  1. Hi,
    I work for the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ on the NJ Bald Eagle Project. That is an immature eagle, probably a 3year old bird. It is interesting that the adults were carrying sticks which would indicate nesting somewhere in the area. Would you email your location so I can check and see if we have any known nesting pairs in that area. thank you,
    Larissa Smith

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