Cemetery Stroll Through Lane’s Cove

Lane’s Cove Cemetery is also known at Cove Hill Cemetery and is tucked off a lane at the rear of 1052 Washington Street. It is not visible from the street, though it is only a short walk to this small cemetery. It sits just above the Lane’s Cove breakwall and the Greenbelt Harvey Reservation abuts the cemetery.

My copy of A Guide to Cemeteries in Essex County Massachusetts from the Essex Society of Genealogists c 1991 says “Abandoned, small yard in a grove of trees with stone wall. Vandalized. John Lane, Lanesville’s first settler, buried here. His original stone is at the Cape Ann Historical Association.” The Guide also notes this cemetery was active approximately 1729-1905.

I took a few gravestone photos to demonstrate something I have found interesting in nearly every cemetery I have studied. If you go by ages at death, people had longer average life spans than I had been taught in school. I’d been taught people “died young” back then. It seems not necessarily, as you can see here: I see ages 92, 86 (twice), 85,and 45 in these examples. Worth a walk if you combine it with the Harvey Reservation Trail, otherwise it’s a pretty short stroll.

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