Rolling Stone magazine: “Somerville City Council unanimously passed a resolution to de-prioritize enforcing laws against adults using magic mushrooms, iboga, and more”


Somerville City Council unanimously passed a resolution to de-prioritize enforcing laws against adults using magic mushrooms, iboga, and more.

While the resolution makes enforcing psychedelic use among adults a low priority, it does not call for the commercial sale of psychedelics. It also does not authorize possession or distribution near schools, nor driving while under the influence. Additionally, any city-wide decriminalization law would ultimately be superseded by state and federal rules regarding psychedelics.


The Somerville resolution is the latest in a growing movement to decriminalize psychedelics around the country. Last November, Oregon voted to decimalize all drugs, while Washington, D.C. voted to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. Denver became the first U.S. city decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms in 2019, while Oakland followed soon afterSanta Cruz, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan both decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms last year as well.

Live with Tim Sanborn From Cazeault Solar Answering Solar Questions



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Eden Road Project Update From Hale Design Build

Hale Design Build Corporation

A design-forward construction company located in Gloucester, MA.

Do you have a project, contact Drew Hale @ 781-589-2280

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We still have a ways to go but we like what we see so far at our #edenrdproject 🤩

Eagle on Rocky Neck

Yesterday was a little dreary but brightened up considerably for me when I spotted an eagle on Rocky Neck! Sitting high in a tree, the crows were raising a ruckus which drew my attention. As I was repositioning for a better shot, the eagle took off over the harbor only to be harassed by seagulls in flight. As I waited and hoped for a repeat performance, a woman came out of the Paint Factory to let me know there was a large bird she thought might be an eagle resting out on Ten Pound Island. Sure enough, there was an eagle out there again accompanied by crows. They are majestic but seem to draw a lot of pesky attention! I checked a little while later from Oakes Cove Beach and there was still an eagle resting there; having some alone time finally.

THANK YOU! Sawyer Free Library’s Annual Appeal Campaign Goal Reached and Surpassed!

Cape Ann Community

Thanks to the community’s incredible generosity, the Sawyer Free Library not only reached, but greatly exceeded its 2020 year-end fundraising goal! 

This year the Library was thrilled to welcome many new contributors and grateful that several returning donors increased their giving.No matter the amount, your support means so much, especially during a year that has been challenging for all.

YOU, the community is at the core of our work. With your help the Sawyer Free Library has met this uncertain moment with certainty, expanding digital services, helping readersof print books to embrace e-books, giving parents resources to support at-home learning, connecting job-seekers with local networking opportunities,bringing world-renowned speakers into homes and so much more.

Thank YOU for making it possible!

Your support of the Sawyer Free Library empowers individuals, strengthens families, and makes our great community a better place to live, for which we are deeply grateful.

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