Nice thank you from The Friends of Sawyer Free Library #GloucesterMA

Colleen shares a nice note of thanks to GMG and the community, and forwards a thank you with an important update & message from the Friends of Sawyer Free:

Thank you (Catherine / GMG) again for all you do for us at the Friends of the SFL we greatly appreciate the work that you do to help us connect with the community. 

Colleen Hogan-Lopez, January 2021

Dear Members,

            As we begin the New Year, with the development of COVID-19 vaccines, we are all hopeful that soon we will be able to gradually return to safer, less restricted lives.  As with any major disruptions, we often look back to see what we can learn from it and  what changes we can make that will not only improve our own lives, but also the lives of others. We reflect on the good things, the things that are truly important, that perhaps in the past we have taken for granted. We adapted as a community, making an effort to help others in whatever way we are able. Neighbors helping neighbors and supporting  service and charitable organizations, that continue to help those in crisis. 

The Sawyer Free Library also adapted to maintain a connection with the people of our community by finding ways to continue services. The staff and administration developed virtual, on-going programs for adults and children and offers curbside service, so patrons can safely pick up books and materials. The Friends of the Library resumed gently used book sales in a new location on the main floor of the library, we now call The Book Nook.

Members like you continued to support our efforts by making a donation during our recent membership drive. Our 2020-2021 membership drive was our only avenue this year to raise the funds  needed to support programs, purchase technology and fulfill other requests from the library.  Your generosity made this year’s drive one of our most successful drives. We are thankful for our faithful current members and also for all of our new members. We want to thank you again for making it possible for us to continue fulfilling our mission; to enhance the patrons’ experience at the Sawyer Free Library. Without your generosity, our goals would not be attainable.

-Rebecca Aliberte, President Friends of Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library