Cape Ann Artisans Announces 2021 Open Studios Schedule. Returning and New artists.

The Cape Ann Artisan’s tour continues to be a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the artisans for their gracious reception.     [2020 Visitor]

The Cape Ann Artisans are pleased to announce the 38th Annual Spring and Fall Open Studios, plus a special summer Mini-Tour in 2021 based on the response of the community in the summer of 2020.    The Spring Tour is June 5-6, the Fall Tour is October 9-10, and the Mini-Tour, with a smaller group of the artisans, is planned for one day only, Saturday, August 14th.   

For locals and visitors alike, the diversity of the artisans’ work combined with the unique setting of the studios creates a memorable day or weekend outing around Cape Ann.  The group changes slightly from year to year due to artists who choose to take a leave or new members who are juried in. In 2021, the Artisans welcome new artisan Sallie Strand, an abstract painter located on historic Rocky Neck.   In 2020, Chloe Leigh, a fine jeweler, located in downtown Gloucester also joined the group, but this will be her first year participating.

The tour is “self-guided” with 14 individual stops to visit with 15 artisans.   The full group is listed below along with their medium:

  1. David Archibald – Ceramic Arts – Porcelain & Stoneware
  2. Cynthia Curtis – Ceramic Arts – Stoneware
  3. Rob Diebboll – Painting – Oil & Watercolors
  4. Jacqueline Ganim DeFalco – Sea Glass Jeweler
  5. Deb Gonet – Painting – Mixed Media
  6. Linda Hogan – Quilter
  7. Chloe Leigh – Fine Jeweler
  8. Sinikka Nogelo – Painting & Sculpture– Experimental Arts
  9. Scott Place and Erin O’Sullivan – Ceramic Arts
  10. Marcie Rae – Fine Jeweler
  11. Deb Schradieck – Painting–Oil & Watercolor
  12. Sallie Strand – Painting- Abstract
  13. Pam Stratton – Mosaics
  14. Sara Wright – Fiber Arts- Handwoven & Knit Accessories

As the tourist season unfolds, the 2021 Brochure will become available at all the major tourism outlets including the Cape Ann Chamber and North of Boston CVB locations.  The Artisans will also continue their partnership with Discover Gloucester.   One significant change is that the tour locations will be noted on the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor printed map and will be downloadable from Cape Ann Artisans website, but will not be printed inside the Artisan brochure as in years past.   

The Cape Ann Artisans welcome the support of the community and the opportunity to be a partner and be listed on both the printed and online  promotional material is available until February 1.   Annually, the Artisans print and distribute over 10,000 brochures which are distributed throughout the region.   The Artisans connect with thousands of visitors and act as ambassadors to all things local – especially lodging, restaurants, and services.  If you would like to secure a partnership, please contact Pam Stratton directly at this email:

The 2020 Feedback survey gave the Cape Ann Artisans high marks in terms of Covid safety and we will continue to ask visitors to comply with State of Massachusetts regulations:  wearing of  facial coverings, practice of social distancing, and use of  hand sanitizer which will be available at each studio.


What:  The 38th Annual Cape Ann Artisans Open Studios

Where: Gloucester and Rockport, MA.

When:   Spring Tour: Sat & Sun, June 5-6 and October 9-10th  10AM-5PM Daily

Special Event: Mini-Tour* – Sat August 14th  Mini-Tour Artists to be announced in the Spring.

Contact: or leave a message with Cynthia Curtis 978-546-6186

Martin Luther King Birthday

About twenty 22 years ago, I was working at the graduate program at Wheelock College. We had a guest speaker coming in to talk to the students.  As I was making the plane and transportation reservations, looked  at her name her name was Professor Christine King Ferris.   As we talked on the phone she did tell me she was Martin Luther King, Jr. brother.  What an honor.  She was very kind and gave me a MLK calendar and a book and also signed the book.  I love the saying on the cover, A DAY ON… NOT A DAY OFF.

Revised MLK Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: rev. January 15, 2021


The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation Presents the Fifth Annual Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day called Listening to Generations of Local Voices.  The online event will premiere on Monday, January 18, 2021 at 2 p.m. on the Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation YouTube channel and will be available anytime afterwards on YouTube in case you miss the premiere. 

The presentation is a collage assembled from videos of Cape Ann residents interwoven with excerpts from speeches by Dr. King and John Lewis.  It will honor MLK, who lived his beliefs that all people are created equal and that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  It will also remind us as John Lewis did, to remain persistent and continue to listen to younger generations as our country faces systemic racism. 

We hope the video will inspire everyone to imagine what it must be like to be in the shoes of “the other” and to be humbled by what we don’t know.  More information is available at where you will find a link to the video, or simply go to YouTube and search for “Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation, MLK Day Celebration 2021.”

Wintering Raptors

It was a 2 raptor day recently. which is a huge bonus for me. First, we got close up and personal with a hawk near Salisbury State Reservation. Then we went to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, hiked for about a mile into the blowing sand and wind (uphill both ways of course) to capture this snowy owl. Quite a day for us.


Cape Ann Home


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Menopause Madness? We can help!

Cape Ann Wellness

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