Cape Ann Museum Acknowledges The Late Fred Buck

capeannmuseum: One cannot view or research within the Museum’s photographic archives without acknowledging the dedication and expertise of CAM’s former Photo Archivist, the late Fred Buck. Fred was a champion of not only Charlie Lowe’s work, but all local photographers, as is evidenced by the tens of thousands of digitized photographs in CAM’s collection. Upon completion of processing the Lowe collection, Fred took a moment to share what the photographer meant to him and his life:
“In the summer of 1969, my wife and I spent three months in Gloucester staying with my mother who had moved into an apartment on Fort Square a few doors down from poet Charles Olson, who was an old family friend from our days at Black Mountain College.
Chatting in the street outside his house one day, Charles opened up a copy of the ‘Gloucester Daily Times’ he was carrying and pointed to a photo on the front page. He said, ‘See that? That’s Charlie Lowe’s. You study that guy – he knows more about Gloucester than any of the scribblers in here…’ I don’t remember what the photo was, but I’m sure it was a corker. Most of them were. When we moved to Gloucester the following year I studied Charlie Lowe every time I opened the newspaper – not because someone told me to, but because his photographs were headturners, and often had more to say than the thousand words that went with them…”

Continue reading Fred’s note on page 6 of the Charles A. Lowe Negatives and Photographs Collection Finding Aid at the link in our bio or at

Odd Couples; and Turkey Obstacle Course — pat morss

Two odd couples among our wildlife friends. Also, our family of 10 turkeys now has an evening obstacle course through our neighbor’s yard, scaling the fence, flying down into our driveway, and then up into the trees to roost for the night.

Friends on Niles Pond (Bufflehead and Merganser)
More friends. Here’s “Lookin’ at ya.”
Salt spray sunset before the Turkey parade
Over the fence, a couple at a time
And down onto the driveway
Then, the triple-jump
Bringing up the rear
Crossing the driveway
Into the woods
Finally, up into the trees for the night

Arts Abound

It’s not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! Remember your valentine can be your spouse, partner, friend, neighbor, teacher and more. These gift baskets can be customized as you wish. This one including a Love is Give and Take mug, locally roasted Gloucester coffee, a heart face masks, a heart magnet, and some Cha Chas!

21 C Lexington Avenue

Magnolia, Gloucester, MA  01930

@FishermenGHS: Tuesday schedule. Visit and under games that have available live streams there are direct links.

Tuesday schedule. Visit our scheduling site (, and under games that have available live streams there are direct links. @Joey_C


Tuesday schedule. Visit our scheduling site (, and under games that have available live streams there are direct links. @GDTSports@Joey_C

Difficult News Follows Difficult Days

Two well known local establishments have recently announced permanent closure: Sherry’s Corner Cafe on Lexington in Magnolia (which you probably saw here earlier, thanks Donna!) and the Cape Ann Brewing Company. Jim and I will sorely miss them both and I am sure we are not alone. It’s a reminder how hard we all need to work to end this pandemic.

Images borrowed from each Facebook page:

Another business affected by this horrible virus

Sherry’s Corner Cafe, we are so sad to hear this.  We always loved going there.  Please try to support our local businesses.

Dear Family, Friends (old and new), and customers….
It’s with a heavy heart that I find myself writing this post. As everyone knows 2020 was one of the hardest years for so many of us in all ways, especially those who have a small business. We hoped here at Sherry’s that 2021 would be off to a better start, but that clearly is not the case. With little help from the government at both State and Federal levels and Covid-19 regulations becoming stricter (and sometimes illogical), we have decided to close our doors for good. A year ago today we never would have thought this would have been the case but the pandemic has taken an extreme toll on us.
I am grateful for all the customers who have supported us along the way, with many becoming more like friends and family. I am grateful for my staff who have worked so hard and adapted to the crazy changes we now find our new-world norms. And most importantly, I am grateful for each and every one of you who have walked through our doors and welcomed us to the Magnolia community. Starting tomorrow, January 19th, 2021, we will be closing our doors effective immediately.
Thank you again for the past three years. You have all humbled me with your kind words and friendships over the past 3 years that I am forever grateful.
-Sherry & Chris ❤️

Smoked BBQ Meatloaf adapted from one of my favorite BBQ Gurus- Malcolm Reed @HowToBBQRight

Northeast BBQ

Here’s an easy to prepare , hearty and delicious BBQ meatloaf that takes a couple hours on the smoker at 275 to complete.

I adapted this from one of my favorite BBQ gurus Malcolm Reed of “How to BBQ Right

I changed up a couple of the ingredients mainly because I didn’t have the ones he listed but I don’t think I would change up the way I did it.

Changes to the ingredient list were: all 80/20 burger meat, no celery, instead of green onions I used yellow onions and I used a tablespoon of soy and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce instead of the Moore’s original marinade.

Here’s Malcom’s recipe which is the one I pretty much followed:


BBQ Rub Applied

On The Weber Kettle @ 275F

Internal temp 140F

Glazed With Sweet…

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