James Towne Lost 50 pounds, I’ve lost 7 ponds in a couple of weeks using the Lose It! app. Here’s a link for a free week of premium if you want to try it with us. @loseit

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Turns out there are lots of people using Lose it! App to keep themselves accountable and lose weight.

James Towne wrote after seeing me post about it:

James Towne Before and After

This app is free and it is a real eye opener as far as what I could potentially blow a ton of calories eating when I could be eating lots of other things throughout the day.

It links with smartwatches, cell phones and it has a ridiculous amount of food options when you go to enter what you’re eating.

I’ve lost 5 pounds thanks to the accountability and awareness of the foods I’m putting into my body. For me, snacking out of boredom is my number one weight gain fail. Using this app it keeps me on track!

i also really like how you can just scan barcodes on the food you’re eating and it does all the calculations for you. Sooooo easy.

Lose It!
Lose It!
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A note from  Joey C:

“I love this app because it helps me stay on track with my goals. Use this link for a free week of Lose It! Premium, and let’s do this together!”

Here are some screenshots from my premium app today:

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Is it time for Christmas Shopping

I am one of the crazy people who like to get my shopping in early.  A couple of stores that have great gifts.

Pauline’s Gift 512 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA  01930

Toodeloos 142 Main Street, Gloucester, MA

Arts Abound 21 C Lexington Avenue, Magnolia Gloucester, MA


Dahlias for donations

Generous Gardeners will be exchanging dahlia bouquets for a minimum $10 donation wrapped to go, outside their office at 101 Western Avenue, October 26-30th from 10 -2 (weather permitting).

Generous Gardeners purchases, plants and maintains flowers in over 45 public spaces in the city. Please remember they are for everyone to enjoy and only GG volunteers are allowed to cut them.

COVID Testing Results Reminder

A reminder copied and pasted from the Mayor regarding COVID testing results if you were tested at Stage Fort Park:

REMINDER ABOUT COVID-19 COMMUNITY TESTING RESULT NOTIFICATIONS: For those who have gotten tested at Stage Fort Park you should expect test results in 24-72 hours via an email with the results from careevolve@lknotification.com. You will need to register an account with an access code and then finalize registration with another access code that will be sent to you. If you did not leave an email address you may also receive a text message from Transformative Healthcare or by calling the test hotline between the hours of 10 a.m and 8 p.m. at 617-765-0176.