Gloucester Public Health Director Speaks About Rise In Gloucester Covid Caseā€™s

Window Replacement Guide

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Our homes are important, now more than ever. They provide the backdrop for our lives. They are the safe place we run to. The cozy blanket you wrap yourself in after a long day. Itā€™s just as important for us to take care of our homes as it is for our homes to take care of us.

window sash weights

Replacing your windows is not usually a straightforward process. Depending on the window opening size, you may need to order a custom window. The first thing to know about replacing your window is whether you want new construction or a replacement window. New construction means that you will have to do some exterior work to your home and involves removing siding, and may require re-framing the opening. However if you are only looking for a replacement insert, you can remove the trim from the interior and leave the exterior unchanged. This style ofā€¦

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Fall is Delightful at Appleton Farms

I decided to take the short ride to Appleton Farms in Ipswich to get a view of fall from the perspective of a working farm. From the welcoming greeting at the gate to my walk back to the car, it was a delightful experience. It’s only a short ride to this scenic working farm with sweeping vistas and open skies. The day I visited there were additional vendors offering various treats in a socially distanced manner and several families enjoying the weather and the activities. Members park for free, there is $5 weekdays/$10 weekend parking fee for nonmembers. More information to plan your trip is here. This short ride “off-island” is well worth it.

The GMGI Science Hour with Dr. Bruce Walker on 10/15 – Register Now!

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GMGIā€™s Fall Science Hour seriesbeginsthis Thursday, October 15thwith a talk featuring Dr. Bruce Walkerā€™sfirst-hand experience treating COVID-19 and co-leading the MassachusettsConsortiumfor Pathogen Readiness.Registernow!

If you have already registered for this talk, you will have received a confirmation email from Zoom with login information.

Please reach out to with any questions.
Previous Science Hour talks are available on ourwebsite.

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