The Jam w/ Dennis & Joe – LIVE STREAM/FACEBOOK Monday @ 8pm 10.19.2020

Hey Jamily!!!

We hope you’ve had a great week!

Another amazing lineup tonight! Check it out!

Jim Coyle – 8:00-8:20


Zoë Knight– 8:25-8:40


Mark Matejik– 8:45-9:00


Melodey Mathews– 9:05-9:20

Amanda Cook– 9:25-9:40

Joe Cardoza & Dennis Monagle– 9:45-10:05


John Newcomer– 10:10-10:25



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The Brown Dog

I have been meaning to get to the Brown Dog in Ipswich for quite some time now. With tickets for the Marini Farm Corn Maze in hand, we decided to stop there for dinner. I am so glad we did. Seven of us enjoyed some chowder, delicious appetizers, and some burgers….and a beer and/or pumpkin martini.

You can check them out here

Harassed Heron

The very tree that hosted the eagles in our backyard recently served as respite for a blue heron yesterday. The respite didn’t last long as the crows began to gather and harass the heron. To the heron’s credit, he remained steady while making sure the crows knew who was boss of the branch. He stayed calm and still though I did notice his head feathers rose to a crown as if to add to his height to appear tougher. Pretty soon the crows flew off to annoy another creature and the heron got a bit of a break. I haven’t seen blue herons in trees but this one stayed a good long time resting in the afternoon sun. This is one amazing tree to attract so many visitors to the neighborhood!

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