Cape Ann Giclée Officially Re-Opens


We Are Open and Here’s What We Are Doing:

  • We are taking this virus seriously.
  • We are only allowing one customer at a time in the studio and maintaining social distance.
  • Masks must be securely worn at all times!
  • Once that customer leaves we spray and wipe everything down and wash our hands before we allow the next customer in.
  • We also have online ordering with curbside pickup, for people who don’t want to come inside the studio.
  • We also now have gift certificates available online!

Studio Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

20 Maplewood Ave, Gloucester MA | 978-546-7070 |


Call for Entries-Sawyer Free Library~Matz Gallery 2021

Apply for the Matz Gallery 2021 Season

matz layout 2Artists are invited to submit an application and images of their work. Applications are available on the library website  
Artwork can be in any medium, such as drawing, prints, painting, photographs, mixed media, assemblage, or wall-hung sculpture.
A committee examines and reviews all applications and sets the schedule for the coming year. Artists who are accepted receive an agreement by email,
 which includes the month assigned and the name  of a facilitator for the day of the hanging.   Artwork is hung for one month. 
The artist may hold a reception (non-alcoholic) during that month in the gallery. 
Deadline for applications is September 1, 2020.

Jane Deering Gallery is re-opening June 13th

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Jane Deering Gallery is re-opening June 13th with the new exhibition Juni Van Dyke | The Journey … then and now, a series of charming small paintings inspired by the artist’s journey to Italy in the early 90s.  As a celebration of re-opening and venturing into the new journey, the gallery is offering these fourteen works at a very special price.  Gallery hours are limited : Saturday and Sunday 1:00-3:00pm, and by appointment.  19 Pleasant Street, Gloucester MA.


Juni Van Dyke is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and holds an MAT from Tufts University.  Since 1993, she has been the Director of the Arts Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center, Gloucester Massachusetts; under her direction, work created by the senior citizens has been exhibited in museums and public institutions in New England.  The completion of the 15 quilts celebrating Gloucester neighborhoods was acquired by the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester Massachusetts.  She is the recipient of several awards and grants, including the St. Botolph Foundation Award, Boston; Massachusetts Cultural Council Grants; and an Honorary Citation from the Massachusetts Senate for her outstanding contribution to the arts.  Van Dyke’s

work is held in the permanent collection of the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts and in numerous private collections.  Her work was selected by Room&Board for inclusion in its limited edition art series and is on view throughout the US in Room&Board locations.  Van Dyke maintains a studio in Manchester, Massachusetts.

Jane Deering Gallery phased re-opening starts with Juni VanDyke art exhibition

A message from Jane Deering:

The gallery is opening with limited hours beginning Saturday June 13th, and in celebration of re-opening, is offering a special price on each of the fourteen charming and evocative framed images from The journey … then and now. All of these works can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Jane Deering, Jane Deering Gallery

The first thing I noticed upon rediscovering these drawings made in Italy nearly thirty years ago is how related they appear to be to my current work. These small drawings, reprinted and overlaid with color were my response to a foreign landscape that had excited and animated my attention. As I traveled without camera throughout Italian villages, hillsides, canals, and cities, drawing was my way of preserving memory. Today, I use drawing more as an abstract element for pictorial balance. But the affinity I had for color those many years ago remains steadfast, reminding me that color is the driving force that continues to define my work. Wit the ebb and flow of time my work has evolved in ways that I would not have imagined thirty years ago. Still, the element of color is constant allowing for surprise and recognition.

Juni Van Dyke, 2020

Possible Rare Gull — pat morss

I took photos of some gulls a couple of days ago from the causeway at Brace Cove and consulted our daughter and husband who are experts in the field. They are fairly certain the first is of a Black-headed Gull, which is a rarity in our area. One was sighted in Newburyport in the early spring. Also attaching photos of some other gulls at the same location, including a Laughing Gull with a black head, and an ominous sky from home.

Presumed Black-headed gull
Preening Ring-billed Gull
Stretching Ring-billed Gull
Adult Laughing Gull
Late afternoon sky, Eastern Point

GloucesterCast 425 with Tim Sanborn From Cazeault Solar and Joey C Taped 6/9/20

GloucesterCast 425 with Tim Sanborn From Cazeault Solar and Joey C Taped 6/9/20

Press play to listen-

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar and Home demonstrating The Tesla Powerbank

Are you interested in the Tesla Powerwall for your home?

Fill out the form or email me at and I’ll have lifelong Gloucester resident Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar call you to go over your options for free.

Vote for Cazeault Solar in the BONS awards here-

In the Smart Homes Category

Back to the Beauport

Four years ago Good Morning Gloucester had the privilege of having a long awaited tour of the beautiful new Beauport Hotel before their grand opening.  At the end of the tour we taped a podcast.  After four amazingly successful years no one could have predicted that March of 2020 would arrive and with it bring mandatory closures of all restaurants and hotels….and schools and businesses….and pretty much everything else.

For 85 days we all stayed home, stayed in, stayed away, stayed alert….and worried, bonded, cried, and found ways to live in the new normal.

Yesterday marked the day that some of our favorite places were allowed to open with many new precautions in place.  While we now revel in the fact that we can be together (cautiously), our hearts go out to some of our other favorite places who need to wait a bit longer before they can, in turn, open their doors.

Yesterday we were invited back to the Beauport for a live podcast a couple of hours before they reopened…..a second grand opening of sorts….and one just as anticipated as the first.   Being on the deck, in the sunshine, with friends felt good.  Meanwhile, throughout town, several other establishments were also greeting guests.  As businesses work hard to maintain safety standards and their usual excellence….we look forward to visiting them all.  We appreciate all of the work and planning that has gone into the preparations they have made. We patiently wait for the word that others can follow suit as we know how tough these times have been.

We enjoyed a cocktail and lunch at the Beauport after taping.  All of the new menu items sound phenomenal (more evidence of the hard work done behind the scenes while we were all at home) and the burger and truffle fries that I had were tremendous.  All of the staff were happy, accommodating, cheerful, and appropriately cautious.

The Beauport’s new BSafe plan is being executed parallel to their stellar hospitality. Together they have created an ambience that allows you to feel safe….and spoiled.  It was so good to be back.

For overnight stay reservations occurring through July 6th, please call 

(978) 282-0008 or email

Reservations for after July 6th may be made online or by phone. For dining reservations, email 1606@beauporthotel.comreserve online or call (978) 491-5090.


Open Doors on Main Street!

Finally, some of the retail stores have been able to reopen; not necessarily for “business as usual”, but rather under changed procedures and protocols.  It was a wonderful feeling to stroll down Main Street today and see open doors. Some such as Mermaid Tales, New England Sweats, Design of Mine are open now. Others are planning to open soon: Larsen’s on Tuesday (today) and the Brass Monkey tomorrow (Wednesday). Store staff seemed genuinely pleased to see us and the stores felt safe for a little browsing. Welcome back all!


Gloucester’s Phase 2 Reopening Plans from the Mayor’s Office

Yesterday Monday June 8,  the Mayor shared some details about Step One in Phase 2 which you can read in full here.  Here is a summary of some of the highlights:

Restaurants may offer outdoor seating; retails stores may open with restricted in-store capacity; golf pro shops and other onsite facilities may open; health care professionals may offer expanded services; lodging is now available; outdoor recreation facilities will be open.  All of these have certain required protocols and restrictions that must be followed.

The “big” news (in my opinion) is the following as copied from the Mayor’s announcement:

City playgrounds will be open to the public by the end of this week. Play structures are not cleaned or disinfected so although available residents should use at their own risk. Please remain diligent about hand washing and/or sanitizing before and after playground use.

Also copied from yesterday’s announcement:

Good Harbor and Wingaersheek Beaches are now both open to residents and a limited number of non-residents, at a reduced capacity. Stage Fort Park remains open to the public.

There will be a Step Two for Phase 2 which will roll out at an unspecified future date. This step will allow indoor restaurant seating as well as the opening of massage parlors, nail salons, tattoo parlors and tanning salons.  Stay tuned for further details on these advances in Phase 2.

It’s an exciting time to tip toe back into the world we once knew. But we do need to remember these new procedures are new to all of us, including servers, cashiers, sales staff, health care professionals…all of us….so extra patience and understanding is critical.

And now, a view from the Beauport Hotel deck yesterday taken during the podcast as the hotel staff was preparing to open the deck for dining. We stayed for lunch and it was fantastic!



#GloucesterMA Beach Sticker FAQ and Application

Click the graphic-

City of Gloucester 2020 Beach Stickers Frequently Asked Questions
What types of Beach Parking Stickers are available?
Resident Beach Parking Sticker – valid for one season – $20. You must be a full-time resident, non-resident property owner, Serviceman Stationed in Gloucester, or Part-time Senior property owners. Full-time Senior Citizen Residents are offered the same sticker at a discounted rate.
Nonresident Stickers are not available at this time. If you have already mailed your application, it will be returned to you in the envelope provided. Non-residents can ‘pay as you go’ to Wingaersheek and Stage Fort Park only. Spaces are limited and parking will be on a first come first serve basis.
Can I apply for a Beach Sticker online?
Not at this time. Beach stickers are currently available by mail only. You will need to download, print, and mail the Application with the appropriate documentation and fee. If you are unable to print the application you can pick one up on the table stationed outside City Hall at the Warren Street entrance. If you prefer to drop the completed application off instead of mailing, there are two drop boxes located at this entrance as well. Please read the instructions carefully, if there is missing paperwork it may delay the processing of your sticker.
Can I purchase a Beach Sticker in person?
Not at this time. Please check back later in the season.
Can I purchase a Beach Sticker at the beach?
No. Vouchers are not being sold at the beaches this season.
Who should I contact if I have a question or issue?
You can e-mail or call 978-281-9708. Due to high call volumes and short staff, your e-mails and voicemails will be answered as soon as possible.
Do I qualify for Senior Status?
To qualify for a Senior Beach Sticker you must 65 and a full-time resident with a Gloucester Registration at the time of purchase. Please note that the senior must be present in the vehicle to park at the beaches.
If I own a business in Gloucester do I qualify for a Beach Sticker?
No. You must own the property in which your business is located to qualify for Resident Sticker.

If I am a disabled and I do not drive do I qualify for a Beach Sticker?
Stickers are issued to a vehicle not a person however under special circumstances, exceptions may be made. Please call 978-281-9708.
Where do I place the Sticker on my car?
The sticker must be placed in the left lower corner of your front windshield.
What do I do if I purchased a new vehicle and I need a replacement Sticker?
Return the sticker from your old vehicle and turn it in when requesting a replacement sticker. Replacement stickers are $5.

Source: City Of Gloucester Website

Join GMGI for a virtual Science Hour! Thursday, June 11th at 7:30pm

Cape Ann Community

Looking for plans this Thursday night? Join GMGI for our virtual Science Hour!

Nina Overgaard Therkildsen, fisheries scientist, assistant professor at Cornell University, and GMGI Science Advisory Board member, will join us via Zoom on Thursday, June 11th at 7:30pm to discuss how she and her team use genomics as a tool for improving fisheries management.

Nina’s research aims to leverage the ongoing revolution in genomic analysis tools to help support sustainable fisheries management and marine conservation. Her talk will discuss the enormous potential of DNA as a tracing tool in a wide variety of ocean applications.

Invitation with details below.  RSVP to

GMGI Science Hour_Invite_6.11_OvergaardTherkildsen

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