Thanks Halibut Point Restaurant – what a run! Best art wishes for owner artist Dennis Flavin! Leaving great vibes for what comes next 289 Main Street for sale #GloucesterMA

Halibut Point Restaurant & Bar closing this special eatery for happy news: after nearly 4 decades serving good food, drink and times– featuring legit prints, photography and art on display, and a beautiful outdoor patio in season– owner Dennis Flavin will serve his muse and time with his family.

289 Main Street, Gloucester, MA- historic Howard Blackburn brick building, business, and liquor license

Gloucester Daily times article 6/8/2020 here

Rockport Board of Selectmen Debate via Zoom

The League of Women Voters is pleased to bring you a debate among the five candidates for two open seats on the Board of Selectmen in Rockport.
The election is Tuesday, June 30th.
The polls will be open as usual on June 30th, but due to the continuing danger of coronavirus, the Town encourages voters to vote by mail. Absentee ballots may be obtained by completing an application form, which is on the Town website, under Town Clerk, or by writing a note to the Town Clerk requesting a ballot.

On the death of newspaperman Ray Lamont: Gail McCarthy writes in the Gloucester Daily Times and Howard Herman pens a personal remembrance for the Berkshire Eagle

I’m sad to read about Ray Lamont’s passing, though I know he was sick. Lamont wrote about causes big or small that were dear to anyone in Gloucester. That coverage mattered. He was a fast and clever writer who could turn a phrase to tug at heartstrings and make you smile. I’ve been thinking about all the time he spent lifting our community stories. I did not know him well but was fortunate to speak with him about art, history, and various local drives. Sometimes the subjects and causes he featured were at odds which made clear to me how opinions stressing bias were incomplete or unfounded.

Joey posted some of his GMG conversations with Lamont here

Gail McCarthy wrote about the death of her colleague and local journalist, A Man Dedicated to Work, Community: Ray Lamont Chronicled Gloucester Stories for Times, published in the Gloucester Daily Times print edition June 8, 2020, with quotes and stories from Mayor Romeo Theken, former Mayor Bell, Dick Wilson, Julie Lafontaine, Open Door, and other officials.

Howard Herman beautiful remembrance was published in the Berkshire Eagle. Lamont, a Pittsfield native, had worked there prior to the GDT.

I have been honored to work with a great many outstanding journalists during my three decades at The Berkshire Eagle. But when I joined the band in the 1980s, I was the Fifth Beatle. That’s because the sports staff was made up of rock stars. Unfortunately, we lost one of those rock stars last week, when word filtered down that Ray Lamont had passed away. Lamont was 67 when he passed on Thursday…

…Among Ray Lamont’s many talents was a dead-on impression of New York Yankees broadcaster, and Baseball Hall of Famer Phil Rizzuto. The Scooter had a way to describe things, and Ray nailed the impression…”

– Howard Herman | Designated Hitter Some Thoughts on the Late Ray Lamont, Berkshire Eagle

Right when I was photographing the paper and thinking about Ray Lamont, I had a special visitor.

Start of the formal obituary

Gloucester – Raymond Joseph Lamont of Gloucester died Thursday at the North Shore Medical Center in Salem. He was born and raised in Pittsfield, the only child of the late Raymond P. and Kathleen T. Sheerin Lamont. Ray’s formative years at the city’s St. Joseph’s grammar and high schools undoubtedly had a deep impact on his life. He continued his education at Berkshire Community College and graduated from North Adams State College, which is now known as Mass. College of Liberal Arts.

Ray began his lifelong career in journalism as a sports writer at the Berkshire Eagle, casting a large presence on the local athletic scene for years to come.

The formal obituary is here

Quarantine Quaffed Hair at The BlackBear Barbershop

Finn’s hair grows so quickly so he was definitely hurting for a haircut after almost three months without one.  We went to go see Matt at Blackbear when they opened up last week.  After snapping these photos, I sat in my car to minimize the people in the barbershop and Finn was in and out (mask on) in no time.  It was great to see Matt again and Finn looks like a new man (boy).


GloucesterCast 424 Live From Beauport With Ray Johnston, John Welch, Chris McCarthy, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 6/8/20/20

GloucesterCast 424 Live From Beauport With Ray Johnston, John Welch, Chris McCarthy, Jim and Pat Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 6/8/20/20

Press play to listen-

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

1606 Restaurant at Beauport New Menu and Opening

Pat and Jim took a private charter whale watch through Cape Ann Whale Watch and it was just great! We are going again.

Halibut Point restaurant being sold (reported in the Times today)
Reports of crazy bike sales, boat sales. People redefining their recreational time.
Death Row Sub and Meal Report
Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m in love with my new sunglasses. 

Still wondering the socially acceptable time that it would be OK to use gift cards.


One Fish, Two Fish……On the Hunt for Herring

To follow up on yesterday’s post about eagles and other larger birds at Mystic Lakes State Park, I wanted to share the adventures of the more common grackles and gulls hunting the herring as they come over the dam between the Upper Lake and Lower Lake…… it was quite the show and easily distracted me while I awaited the eagles. The herring were plentiful, as were their predators. The grackles attacked these fish nearly their size with their beaks and talons pecking and poking away to get their satisfaction for lunch. The bigger gulls of course fled with the herring in their beaks as they were chased by their hungry companion gulls, often losing their prizes in flight.  A great side show while the bigger birds were resting!