All Serenitee restaurant group locations are open for outdoor dining, takeout & delivery, and will be open for indoor dining starting today as well!!



The patios at The Spot in Georgetown (above) and Cala’s in Manchester (below).

We at the Serenitee family of restaurants are using all of our resources to ensure that your family is safe. Please take a minute to read about our safety protocols and procedures here.


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Boston Time Lapse From Up On High last Night

Shop local

We need to help our local restaurants, retail stores, banks and small businesses.  Please shop local, we have great places right here to take care of our needs.  Also the Magnolia Community Farmers Market is another place to be able help our wonderful small businesses.  It is so easy to shop, please go to

Thank you and take care


Tino’s Corner

Mary Lou Marganis, founder of the Gloucester Dog Park shares the Tino’s Corner plaque with us. The plaque illuminates one of the founding principles of the dog park. Tino’s Corner is a special area of the dog park for dogs not ready for the park, dogs that need special training, or dogs that need time to adjust.

Tino's Corner

And Tino’s Corner exemplifies injustices to both animals and humans.

Mary Lou writes, “Tino was needlessly killed by the very shelter that was supposed to be there to protect and care for him. Many of us fought the injustice but it fell on deaf ears. However, the movement in rescue has been reform from ignorant, antiquated thinking. There is a New Age of Sheltering whereby killing is no longer accepted as the first option. And finally, and long overdue,  there seems to be a New Age of transformation for humans as well.”

The message on the plaque is a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., and rings very true today,

“Never, never be afraid to do what is right, especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

As an animal lover, a rescue dog owner, this rings true for me and I aim to live my life this way.

Alicia P.

Harbor Village Construction Update

Here are some photos to update you on the progress being made at 206 Main Street (formerly Cameron’s), Harbor Village.  According to their webpage, it appears to be moving along on schedule. Also from their webpage: “How to apply for a unit: A lottery for all 30 units will be held in early 2021 at a location to be determined. The application period will run from approximately November 2020 until shortly before the lottery is held.”

A different lottery is also being held for first time home buyers meeting certain financial requirements at 10 Haven Terrace. Further info on the Harborlight Community Facebook page or the webpage. Deadline June 30 for the lottery on this 3 bedroom unit. 

The mixed use Harbor Village Construction photos taken last week:

Sawyer Free Library’s Fun Filled Summer Reading Program for Kids and Teens Kicks off Thursday, June 25

Cape Ann Community

The Sawyer Free Library (SFL) is excited to kick off its 2020 Summer Reading Program. This year’s theme is Imagine Your Story,” and while it may feel slightly different from previous years due to COVID-19, the library is planning to make this year’s Summer Reading one to remember with an emphasis on fantasy, fairy tales, and folk tales.

This annual program aims to combat summer learning loss in children by encouraging patrons of all ages to read during the summer months and participate in library activities. Due to SFL’s current closure, this year’s children and teen program will take place solely online until it is safe to gather in person. The summer fun will officially begin on Thursday, June 25, at 10:00 am on Zoom with Wildlife Encounters, where everyone can meet virtually amazing live animals in this exciting show presented by the Wildlife Encounters Ecology Center…

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