Jane Deering Gallery phased re-opening starts with Juni VanDyke art exhibition

A message from Jane Deering:

The gallery is opening with limited hours beginning Saturday June 13th, and in celebration of re-opening, is offering a special price on each of the fourteen charming and evocative framed images from The journey … then and now. All of these works can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Jane Deering, Jane Deering Gallery

The first thing I noticed upon rediscovering these drawings made in Italy nearly thirty years ago is how related they appear to be to my current work. These small drawings, reprinted and overlaid with color were my response to a foreign landscape that had excited and animated my attention. As I traveled without camera throughout Italian villages, hillsides, canals, and cities, drawing was my way of preserving memory. Today, I use drawing more as an abstract element for pictorial balance. But the affinity I had for color those many years ago remains steadfast, reminding me that color is the driving force that continues to define my work. Wit the ebb and flow of time my work has evolved in ways that I would not have imagined thirty years ago. Still, the element of color is constant allowing for surprise and recognition.

Juni Van Dyke, 2020

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