Annisquam Sewing Circle

Pies and cookies and cakes—oh boy!

Looking for some delicious homemade treats for the holiday weekend? Come to the special pop-up bake sale at the Annisquam Farmers Market on Friday, July 3, 9:00 – noon. The renowned bakers of the Annisquam Sewing Circle are cooking up all sorts of yummy sweets—fruit pies, brownies, cakes, and even some gluten-free temptations. While you’re at it, buy extra to freeze for later!

Mark your Calendar!

Friday, July 3, 9:00 – noon
(or as long as these goodies last!)

Annisquam Farmers’ Market
36 Leonard Street, Gloucester
(between the Exchange & the Village Hall)

Payment by check or credit card



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Jun 7 LOCAL 28 Facebook Live! Sunday @ 4 PM · Online Event


5pm start due to rain!

Yo – whoa! – we’re gonna live stream a set or two from the great outdoors on Sunday, June 7. You? At home, at the beach, at a social distance gathering… wherever ya have connectivity. We’ll be streaming from this page (not our group page) and we hope to see all of y’all out there! *This event will be weather permitting.

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Whale Watch Charter Huge Success

Thanks to Cape Ann Whale Watch for the charter trip aboard the Lady D with Captain Nick and Laura today under threatening skies and choppy seas to seek whales. We had a hugely successful (although a bit wet) trip and felt completely safe with the crew taking appropriate precautions to protect all of us against the virus.  Our masked family group of only 5 (the limit) enjoyed every minute.  The weather wasn’t perfect and the captain was careful to temper our expectations and make sure we were comfortable aboard choppy waters. He was even wonderful enough to turn back to the dock when one of us forgot their camera………good thing he went back, or there wouldn’t be this post today! (thanks Capt Jim for the hand there)

We enjoyed 2 separate sightings with a pair of whales in one area and 3 playful whales in the other area. There was even a full breach!!!! None of us was quick enough to get it on camera, but we got to see that as well as another “nose” breach.  It was a private 4 hour trip which cost a bit more than 4 tickets for the Hurricane II, BUT the experience of being close to the water made it an entirely different trip and totally worthwhile……PLUS we got 5 tickets for a future whale watch. So I feel it was worth the extra cost for the experience we had. I will be booking another. 

As you can see here, the skies were a bit grey so some of these photos almost appear to be black and white, but I hope they tell the story of a great day of sighting whales.

GMG Remembers Ray Lamont


gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

GloucesterCast With Gloucester Daily Times Editor Ray Lamont and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/23/14

Topics Include: Gloucester MA, 01930, Gloucester Daily Times Going To A Subscription Based Model For Online Access, What You Get From Local Newspapers That you Don’t Get Anywhere Else, Why A Subscription Based Model For Content Is Necessary



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