What is it about sitting on a boat that brings such happiness?



Cleaning the boat- happy.

Drinking coffee on the boat- happy.

Going on a leisurely cruise on the boat- happy.

Going to a remote stretch of beach and tossing the anchor- happy.

There’s just so much to love about being out away from the shore and not hearing all the noises that accompany being on land.

Thanks for the great service Pauline from Pauline’s Gifts!

We’re selling lobsters to the public now and who else would you call but Pauline for an open sign?  Not only did she have an open sign but she also had a lobster one too and she brought everything over including the mounting hardware.

She does so much for our community especially our veterans and other small business owners.

Thank you so much!



Gloucester al fresco | Topside Grill outside dining

Topside Grill, 50 Roger Street, Gloucester, Mass. (978) 281-1399 open for outside dining, take out and curbside pick up


Hungry Osprey Chicks as Seen on Osprey Cam

In case you missed feeding time on the Essex Greenbelt Osprey Cam, here’s a couple of screenshots. One parent brought food to the nest and you can see 3 little baby bobbing heads in there if you look carefully. If it were up to me, I might call them Larry, Darryl and Darryl. Check it out at http://www.ecga.org.

Magnolia Community Farmers Market ONLINE SHOPPING

If you have not ordered from the Magnolia Community Farmers Market you are missing out on some great food and gifts.  It is so easy to do and there is contactless pickup.  Please follow the link below.



Thank you all and please shop local.



Osprey Chicks Have Hatched!

All three osprey chicks have very recently hatched in the nest behind LobstaLand! The osprey parents, known as Annie and Squam are tending to their newly hatched chicks and can be followed on the Essex Greenbelt Osprey Cam linked here.

There is also an article in the Boston Globe describing a little of the nest’s history and fascination.

Take a look and welcome the new chicks to the world. Screenshot taken just a few minutes ago:


Local Fresh Caught Lobster Specials At The Dock To Spur Some Demand! Starting at $4.50lb Follow https://www.facebook.com/captainjoeandsons/ for the specials


Trying to spur some lobster demand with fresh caught local lobsters by blasting them out cheap. Come on down the dock and support the local lobster industry. Let’s move some lobsters INTO YOUR BELLY! 95 East Main Street Gloucester MA Only lobsters from our local boats. Never from Canada. Let’s EAT!!!!

Follow and Like Captain Joe and Sons Facebook Page here at this link to see the latest from the dock!

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