Dennis Flavin art bio/editorial

Lanescove Oil Painting

Born in Western, Massachusetts in 1950, Dennis Flavin became intrigued with art at a young age and began actively pursuing his dream to be an artist beginning in high school. Enrolling himself in as many art classes as was allowed, Dennis quickly became good friends with the art teachers and at age 17, he was teaching jewelry making classes for parents in the evening.

Dennis went on to attend Vesper George Art School, a small Boston college that taught exclusively art. It was here where he decided he wanted to be a painter instead of his previous plan to be an art teacher.

“I’ve always felt, if I have an idea on a canvas, I can paint that idea as long as I let myself be free with color and lines”

Dennis first came to Gloucester on an art scholarship from a professor/friend to paint during the summer of 1970. After marrying, Dennis brought his bride to Gloucester where they have remained residents for over 35 years.

Many people know Dennis as a charismatic restaurant owner; some know him as a fine artist; but few have seen the wide range of artwork he has compiled over a span of 40 years.

“I knew I was going to be a painter, but I knew I wanted to have a family. I always painted, worked, and tried to spend time with my family. It was a lot to do at one time. No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop painting. I always had an art studio and I squeezed in as much time as I could to be in it, working.”

Now, the artwork of Dennis is leaving his studio and going on display in the up and coming Taste O’ Sea Gallery located on 33 Main Street (inspired by a popular Flavin monotype).

March 16th (5-8pm) will mark the Grand Opening of both The Taste O’ Sea Gallery and the first of two exhibits featuring the art of Dennis Flavin. The gallery will host art in a variety of mediums ranging from monotype and etching prints to pastel and mixed media. From March 23rd through the end of the month, the artwork will be switched to feature Flavin’s oil paintings shown “in the rough” (unframed).

Taste O' Sea Monotype

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