Thanks Halibut Point Restaurant – what a run! Best art wishes for owner artist Dennis Flavin! Leaving great vibes for what comes next 289 Main Street for sale #GloucesterMA

Halibut Point Restaurant & Bar closing this special eatery for happy news: after nearly 4 decades serving good food, drink and times– featuring legit prints, photography and art on display, and a beautiful outdoor patio in season– owner Dennis Flavin will serve his muse and time with his family.

289 Main Street, Gloucester, MA- historic Howard Blackburn brick building, business, and liquor license

Gloucester Daily times article 6/8/2020 here

Open window

I noticed the open window because a bird hopped in. I didn’t stop to see what ensued but I was reminded about a GMG reader question: Who remembers Cher Ami and homing pigeons of Gloucester?

open window Puritan House_built by Tappan 1810_Gloucester Massachusetts_ Main & Washington Streets_photograph copyright © c ryan (5).jpg

There’s a 2nd  little pane missing on the Main Street side.


What’s in a name?

The 1810 brick building, Gloucester’s first, at the corner of 2 Main and 3 Washington Streets, now features Tonno Restaurant. The exterior has remained relatively unchanged since it was built in 1810 by Col. James Tappan. On the inside it’s been mixed use more often than not (various businesses, restaurants and lodgings). As a result it’s gone through a lot of rebranding: Puritan House, Tappan’s Hotel, Atlantic House, and Capt Bills are a few of the names associated with this historic structure. The Blackburn Tavern signs were added in 1978 for a restaurant.

Still Standing

The brick building at the other end of Main Street with Halibut Point Restaurant & Pub was Howard Blackburn’s actual tavern.

Howard Blackburn historic tavern_now Halibut Point Restaurant_20191231_Gloucester Mass. c ryan (1)

menu_Howard Blackburn historic tavern_now Halibut Point Restaurant_20191231_Gloucester Mass._ copyright c ryan

Fun fact: Col. Tappan taught young Daniel Webster.

Boston Globe seashore jaunt all #GloucesterMA | Beauport Museum, Halibut Point restaurant, Virgilio’s, Bananas

Gloucester in the news again this weekend about  a great road trip. See today’s Sunday paper- Boston Globe By Linda Greenstein

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Would You or Wouldn’t You?

Oh, God, No.

Look, I LOVE oysters.  I really do.

The more horseradish sauce the better.

I happily ate probably no fewer than 20 last weekend in New Orleans and it is a given that I look forward to eating them up each and every time I step foot in Halibut Point.  Key West to me screams “Raw Bar” and Nantucket means oysters at “CRU”.

So, last night was no different.

I happily met one of my best friends in the whole entire world….ordered from one of the best bartenders in the whole entire world (that’s right, Jack), and chatted with the one and only Heather…who has made it into 2 blog posts in a row….not that that is any claim to fame 😉

We ordered a dozen Duxbury Oysters and THANK GOODNESS this one didn’t make it to our plate.

So, my friends, after seeing this photo, the question I ask is, “Would you or wouldn’t you be able to choke this down?”  For the record, as you can see, it is the size of the a woman’s hand.

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