Hi,My name is Arjen Steegstra. I am a Gloucester resident looking for promotional support in developing a social media trend that I think is important for increasing morale in this troubling time. Public art is a reflection of its place and time. Public art activates the imagination and encourages people to pay attention and perceive more deeply the environment they occupy. It stimulates learning and thought about our society, about our interconnected lives, and about the social sphere as a whole. Chalk is a very accessible, legal, and non-permanent medium that everyone can use to show their support. It’s also fun! Originally my mission was to cheer up neighbors, walkers, joggers, the mail carrier and other essential workers with friendly messages and artworks on your block during quarantine. However, due to the recent tragedies, it has taken a turn to support the Black Lives Matter movement and help take a stance against police brutality. Using the instagram page @chalkuptheblock and the hashtag #chalkuptheblock I am able to share all of these messages on a single platform and bring attention to the supportive efforts in our community. I attached a link to the instagram page.
Thank you for your support,Arjen

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