GloucesterCast 421 Livestream with Sal Zerilli, Beth Zerilli, Ann Malloy, Ray Cahill, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 5/22/20

GloucesterCast 421 Livestream with Sal and Beth Zerilli, Ann Malloy, Ray Cahill, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 5/22/20

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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

Happy Birthday to Kate who made being quarantined with pretty great

Death Row Subs Update

Awesome Gloucester/Rockport Pandemic related grants

Getting Tito’d / Beer me Bro / Wined

DC Report

Beauport Takeout was stupid good -new executive chef John Welsh

Horribles Parade /Fireworks/June Fiesta Off. Schooner Festival is still on the the schedule


Atlantic Power Cleaning Is Frickin Awesome!

Tonno Doing Takeout BBQ this weekend!

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Gloucester Biotechnology Academy Accepting Applications for Next Class!

Cape Ann Community

Gloucester Biotechnology Academy’s Class of 2021 is set to begin in the fall, and applications are still being accepted! This affordable, 9-month program is an incredible opportunity to gain the skills needed to start a new career in biotech.

Please visit our website at or reach out to Education Director John Doyle at for more information – we are happy to answer any questions you have!

Academy Marketing PDF

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Atlantic Power Cleaning Saved Us Thousands

Cape Ann Home

Kate and I thought we needed to paint our house and were really not looking forward to that bill.

Sean Coakley from Atlantic Power Cleaning came out and inspected the house and told me he was pretty confident the house didn’t need to be painted, that it just needed power washing.

Not only did they power wash the house, but they cleaned the gutters and teh house looks like it was freshly painted!

To say we are thrilled would be an understatement.


Check out the before and after photos-

Before Before

img_7747 After

dji_20200520_085530_115 Before

img_7748 After

dji_20200520_085606_117 Before

img_7746 After


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Barry O’Brien Memorial Day for Essex Veterans

FOB Len Burgess sent me this link and information from Barry O’Brien


Good Morning Len.


Attached is the Video created by the Essex Veterans.


I would greatly appreciate it if you could get this posted on Good Morning Gloucester in time for memorial day. It would be great it it went up tonight and stayed up through Monday, with the idea of people being able to share it throughout the weekend.


Here is the copy that goes with it:

Memorial Day is a special holiday set aside to honor military personnel who’ve fought and died for our freedom. The veterans of Essex Massachusetts have created this virtual Memorial Day service  to carry on the tradition as safely as possible.

We hope that this will allow you to celebrate and remember with us, wherever you are. This is for all veterans and their families who have  given everything for our freedom.

This year, let us also remember those who fight for us every day during these unprecedented times of COVID-19.

Thank you for watching and sharing this virtual ceremony of honor with others.

If the file of the video, which is big, is too hard to deal with, the file can be downloaded directly from:

Thank you, Len!



Eagles at Mystic Lakes

THANK YOU to Cape Ann Photo Tours for sharing his birding experience recently at Mystic Lakes in Medford. It can be found on You Tube at this link. I hopped right in the car with high hopes and a fully charged camera. I was not disappointed.  I’ll be going again for sure.  Feeding eages, flying eagles, watering eagles, juvenile eagles….it was quite an afternoon!

Takeout From 1606 At Beauport Was Incredible. New Executive Chef and Sous Chefs Are Crushing It!