Melissa Abbott Submits: “Local Cape Ann Recipe: “ Nisu” from the Finnish Community on the North of Cape Ann”

Hi Joey, a few photos of bread!!

A Fantastic Local Cape Ann Recipe: “ Nisu” from the Finnish Community on the North of Cape Ann,  who came as stonecutters for the local granite  in the 1800’s.

This recipe is on page 95 of my book “ The Legacy of Three Melissas” ( available on Amazon $2.99 on Kindle and $17.00 paperback) which is a collection of historic Cape Ann Recipes and associated stories from my family’s many local Bakery, Restaurant & Inn businesses during the the 20th century.

Link to purchase:

The Legacy of Three Melissas: Authentic and Original Cape Ann Recipes Paperback 

This recipe is one of those really delicious things that came to me via my sister Shelley Laine, who got it from Jack Chisholm from East Gloucester, Brad Chisholm’s father who got it from a woman named Vivian in Lanesville circa 1966.  Typical Cape Ann Provenance.The real secret to making this loaf super authentic is to use a mortar & pestle to grind the Cardamon seeds. You can use ground cardamon but the real way is to use a mortar & pestle to grind the spice, you buy the cardamon pods and take the seeds out of the center. You also must brush the buttered loaves with leftover strong coffee and then sprinkle with sugar. A delicacy of the highest order! #nisu #nisubread #capeann #historiccapeannrecipes #melissaabbott #eastgloucester #lanesville #bayview #rockportma #finnishcommunity #breadmaking #breadbaking #legacyofthreemelissas #capeannrecipes

Constructing My Smoked Meatball Sub Topped With Sista Felicia’s Vodka Sauce On Homemade Artisan Bread


Started Out With A Freshly Baked Bread Made With Caputo 00 Flour Thanks To Anthony Caturano


Next Sliced The Smoked Chorizo and Beef Meatballs Made With Nauset Farms Beef.


Next Top With Vodka Sauce From Sista Felicia


Sprinkle On Some Grated Reggiano From Sclafanis



Grill The Artisan Bread To A Golden Brown and Devour!


Kathy Roberts

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THIS SUNDAY May 3, 2020 AT 12:30 PM
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Kathy Roberts invited you

Destino’s to Reopen Monday May 4!

Great news to share from Destino’s Facebook page as well as in the Gloucester Daily Times today:


We are excited to be back serving you on Monday, 5/4.
Hours 11am- 8pm
Preparing all you favorite menu items.


Cheesesteaks, chicken broccoli ziti, tunas and Italians, all served with free soup and salad to go.

Don’t forget our family dinners, lasagna, CBZ, chicken parmigiana and chicken fingers and wings.

🗣🗣 Call ahead for delivery and curbside pickup!

Buying or Refinancing Can Still Be Part of Your Plan

Cape Ann Home

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GloucesterCast 410 with Jimmy Douglass, Fred Shrigley, Nichole Schrafft, Scotty Mac, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz and Joey C taped 5/1/20

GloucesterCast 410 with Jimmy Douglass, Fred Shrigley, Nichole Schrafft, Scotty Mac, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz and Joey C taped 5/1/20

Press play to listen-


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Topics Include:

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

GloucesterCast Virgins Death Row Meal/Sub Picks Jimmy Douglass Fred Shrigley

Death Row Subs and Meals Report has been published on the blog this morning! Results for most popular subs are virtually ties amongst Destinos, Virgilios  Willow Rest and Scalfanis. Clearly more work needs to be done in this area! Also tied in the meal category between Tonno and Causeway.
Thank you to Marcy Plante for getting me started on my kombucha journey.
To Jimmy Douglass- do you have any crazy Rhumb Line stories?
Jimmy how much fuel do the Whale Watch boats burn on a typical trip?  What happens if you don’t see a whale?
Nichole, you used to work at Cape Ann Whale Watch.  How old were you when you started and what were some of your roles?  What embarrassing thing can you tell me about your time there?
On a scale from 1-10 how would you rate a job at Cape Ann Whale Watch for a kid as a summer job?  What would some of those perks be?
Fred: Which patrons of the Rhumb Line are you most happy to see?  Top three Gloucester Storytellers at the Bar at The Rhumb Line
Which bartender had the longest tenure at The Rhumb Line?
How is Crazy Carl holding up?
Tell us something about yourself that people would find hard to believe
What is your latest Netflix or series Bingwatching recomendations?
New CATA Bus Schedule effective Monday May 4th. Go to or call the dispatch office
Need Home Teaching Math Help? Get the PhotoMath App. It answers questions and also breaks it down step by step.
Destinos Re-opens next week!



Happy May Day!

It’s a tradition on May Day to “ding dong ditch” flowers for special loved ones and neighbors. Pretend your doorbell just rang and you found these! Happy May Day. I’m very happy to turn the calendar to a brand new month. April was tough…’s to May!

Death Row Subs and Meals Spreadsheet

Just what you’ve been waiting for and as promised, here’s the reveal of the results of the podcast virgin responses to Joey’s questions: You’re on Death Row and allowed whatever you like to order, so  “What sub are you ordering as your last sub and from where?”. This insightful question is followed up with “What’s your last meal and from where?”. Here are the results compiled from the “COVID era” podcast virgin responses.  These results will be updated semi-regularly whenever I feel like it.



Video: Home Brewed Kombucha First Taste Test

First time out making kombucha thanks to coaching and mother scobee from Marcy Plante. It looks nasty in there. How will it taste? Check out the video and find out.

So our good friend Marcy Plante gave us a pickle jar, some black tea and most importantly what’s called a scobee. Which is an organism she grew that is the key to making home brewed “fermented” kombucha. Truth be told it looks pretty nasty. Daughter Madeline (Snoop Maddie Mad for old school GMG people) started our kombucha project 11 days ago. It did what it was supposed to do and grew another scobee on top and now it’s time for the taste test. Looks nasty. How will it taste? Check out the taste test video above to see if I keep it or toss it. The setup 11 days ago: The results after 11 days. New scobee on top. If you’re interested in making some, here’s a recipe