Cape Ann Chamber Takeouts and Deliveries Updated May 15

The Cape Ann Chamber has been doing an outstanding job keeping up with the tidal wave of changes to local businesses.  For regularly updated information check out their page linked here.

The Retailers chart updated May 14 at 12:07 PM available here.

The Pharmacies, Groceries and Convenience Stores updated May 14 at 12:56 PM available here. 

The Banks Chart updated May 14 at 12:08 PM available here.

The Takeout and Delivery chart updated May 15 at 12:32 PM available here or below. This information changes rapidly to keep a close eye on your favorite restaurants and cafes through their Facebook or web pages.

Click to access Cape-Ann-Take-Out-Delivery-List-5.15.20.pdf



Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda All Free! Week of May 18th Nia Routine: Pink Martini! Special class with Nia trainer, Casey Bernstein, Monday 1 PM EST

Cape Ann Wellness


Casey Bernstein, Nia Trainer teaches our class at 1 PM tomorrow!

I was speaking with Casey last week.  Casey was my Nia belt trainer in Albany NY and the owner of The Center for Nia and Yoga.   She is also the choreographer of our fun Slumdog Millionaire routine.  I asked her if she would teach for us on zoom sometime and she said, how about Monday.  So Monday you get to dance with Casey and me.  Hope to see you at this special class tomorrow, May 18th at 1PM EST

For more on Casey, visit her Nia HQ page  or her video on why she teaches Nia.  Like me, she too was a former nurse.

nia pink martini shoutout grapgicJoin us as we revisit an old favorite, Pink Martini.  Fun routine, great music.  If you have not experienced this routine or the music of Pink Martini, you are in for a treat…

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From the Living Room — pat morss

Still sheltering at home and looking out from the living room. Some photos from the last week or so (plus the tree at Niles Pond with its coronavirus PPE). Today is the Seventeenth of May, Norway’s national holiday, with no parades this year. But Anne-Lise and I are celebrating – skaal!

Weasel in our rain leader pipe.
Dove in the hanging plant (head at bottom)
Northern Contender returning home
Fools Gold returning home
Whale watching at breakfast
Wylie Coyote and an accomplice on the daily round
Norwegian Seventeenth of May holiday celebration
And now a walk – tree with coronavirus protection
Tree at Niles Pond with its protection

Beautifying O’Maley School

Generous Gardeners made it to O’Maley Saturday morning to install grasses in the front school beds, after the great reconstruction job completed by the DPW. I’m sharing the whole process with you to see how it evolved. Today I was working with Susan Kelly and Jamie Friend who were patient with the layout process and then we planted. We put in feather reed, zebra, muly, and Japanese forest grasses which have different heights and colors for interest against the building. It should be beautiful. We did all this in three hours!

Breaking News: Talise Restaurant To Open In Former Market Restaurant Space in Lobster Cove



Joshua has been interested in the culinary world since his days of cooking with his great grandmother as a young child. His love of cooking led him to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York where he was recognized with a leadership scholarship and graduated at the top of his class.
Over the past 15 years, he has opened multiple restaurants and cooked alongside many well-known chefs such as mentor Michel Richard, Sean Brock, Gabrielle Hamilton and Ashley Christensen. Joshua was previously the Chef at Short & Main in downtown Gloucester for the past five years. His love for cooking and passion for sourcing local ingredients brings a refreshing and exciting dynamic that we can’t wait to share with you at Talise!
Ariel, Joshua’s wife, and Sarah are sisters who share a love and passion for hosting. Sarah has worked in the service industry for many…

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Making A Sand Bed to Lie In

An almost normal kind of family beach activity we noticed recently at Pebble Beach. I was able to stay distanced and masked for a short conversation with this family. That’s Giorgio under the sand bed made by Dimitri and Leo. Dad (Matthew) overseeing the effot. They seemed glad to talk to me which is probably an indicator of how bored they have been!