GloucesterCast 417 Live Whiskey Tasting With Anthony Caturano, John Drew, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac and Joey C


Masterson’s 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey 90 Proof, Bib and Tucker 6 Year Small Batch Bourbon 92 Proof, Redemption Rye Whiskey 92 Proof and Redemption Bourbon 84 Proof.  All of which you can get at Liquor Locker  287 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Grab a bottle or two and participate in the live stream on Facebook Live Go to Thursday night at 6:30 and join us.  John Drew knows just about everything there is to know about whiskey and will be on hand to answer any questions about these labels or others.  Anthony Caturano from Tonno Gloucester/Wakefield, the Blue Ox in Lynn and Prezza in the North End will be talking spirits with us as well!

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West Gloucester Trinitarian Congregational Church ~ Sunday’s coming and we are getting ready! Alan Estes is our guest musician. What a treat! Sunday 9:30am 5.17.2020



Hi friends! Please join us this Sunday for #11 Remote Worship. Our guest musician this week is the great Allen Estes! So exciting! I can’t wait to meet him myself! Six feet apart though! 💟✝️☮️


Sunday’s coming and we are getting ready! Allen Estes is our guest musician. What a treat!
Check out the church Facebook Page Sunday May 17th 9:30am
Allen Estes photo: Renata Greene
Rev. Rona photo: Lauri Burke
 — with Allen Estes.




We have new and exciting offerings on our à la carte menu, an extensive BEER and WINE list + PROVENCAL PICNIC DINNER for 4!

Accepting ONLINE ORDERS from 10am-7pm
PHONE ORDERS @ 978-999-5917 from 3-7pm.
Full menu available at

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966 p: 978-999-5917

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Frontline Rolling Rally Last Night ❤️

Tinkercad Project with O’Maley Teachers

GMG Jimmy has been working with O’Maley science teachers Amy Donnolly and Dave Brown to create a little gift for me using the Tinkercad program used by 7th graders for 3D printing projects. Today, the dream came true and 3 lovely new little objects were delivered to me to use with my friend CB (crystal ball).  Amy arranged to have my name included in the bottom of one of the CB holders and Dave created the GMG letters on another one. They will each serve a useful purpose and I look forward to including them in future CB photo shoots.

When Amy and Dave aren’t doing this kind of project, they are hard at work printing PPE gear for local facilities. Check out podcast 415 for more details on this fantastic effort.  If you want to support this effort with a donation, here’s the link.  They are not yet quite halfway to their goal, so perhaps this would be a good time to consider this project for a donation. Many many thanks to Amy and Dave for their patience with GMG Jimmy’s attempts at 7th grade projects.

Please Welcome The Newest Member Of Our Family and The Official Cat Of GMG- D.C.

There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by for over three years that the kids have begged us to get them a cat and I’ve resisted- until now.

It was Madeline’s Birthday, the kids have no soccer, no formal school and hanging out with friends on the regular and while the parade thing is cool we’re here in Gloucester while Madeline’s school and most of he close friends are in Hamilton.

I figured a new cat would lift the spirits of the entire family during this crisis.

Kate didn’t know,  the kids didn’t know but I’d been secretly searching and doing research for kittens off and on for about a month.  It had to be a little kitten.

Everything fell into place with a little coaching from long time GMG contributor Alicia Pensarosa and help from Sunniva at Cape Ann Animal Aid.

What a roller coaster of emotions, not knowing if it was going to happen literally up until hours before it all went down.

And we are so lucky.  D.C. is such a little love.  She is social, she loves to be gently rubbed, she’s curious, checking out the living arrangements.  She has these big round eyes that when you look at her you couldn’t help but fall in love.

What a beautiful cute fun little shmoo.

The kids have signed contracts and we have it on film about their responsibilities and they’re all-in.

D.C.- The Name.  For years during the resistance I’ve told the kids the only cat we’d have here would be a Dead Cat, joking that it’s just not going to happen, mainly because I didn’t believe that they would take the responsibilities of emptying the litterbox and grooming the cat seriously.  Over the past year Madeline had sent pictures all the time of her with Oscar, the cat at her Mom’s house.  Connor, as stubborn as he is, is pretty much a young man of honor.  If he says he’s going to do something, he sticks to his word and does it.  Eloise as a young adult now couldn’t make me prouder with her excellent grades and incredible work ethic.  These kids have been rock stars and deserved something really really awesome.  D.C. is that something really really awesome.

OK, enough rambling, Here are the pics and videos:





Happy Birthday Madeline
Happy Birthday Madeline

Due to social distancing rules and closed borders, the International Dory Race Committee has had to make some drastic changes to this year’s events:

Due to the social distancing rules and closed borders, the IDRC has had to make some drastic changes to this year’s events.  Due to social distancing and mother nature it has taken us much longer to prep the race boats for the water.  We will be putting the races boats in the water sometime during May.  Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the June elimination and International races.    In June the American and Canadian committees will meet to review if we will be able to have the August races.  If the borders remain closed and social distancing rules have not been fully lifted we may not be able to make the trip to Lunenburg.  Later in the summer if social distancing is lifted and crowds are again allowed in Gloucester we will create an event for the US rowers and we will Crown a 2020 American Champion in each division.  Please check the website as we will be updating the event calendar with all changes.  Thank you for your understanding during this tough time.  Please feel free to use the boats as long as you are following the social distancing guidelines.  We want to make sure everyone is being as safe as possible.  Thank you very much.

IDRC Committee