Cape Ann Museum plans illuminated message on new campus to pay tribute to city, front line workers during pandemic

Cape Ann Community


Rendering Courtesy of Harbor Voices Public Art

GLOUCESTER, MASS. (May 7, 2020) – In an effort to boost the city’s spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cape Ann Museum is presenting a CAM Contemporary exhibition involving the projection of an illuminated multilingual message on the nights of May 6 to 8, 2020, saying “Thank You Frontline Heroes.” The installation is called “In Gratitude.”

“We know many of our neighbors, friends, and families are struggling at this time of social distancing, isolation, and anxiety around health and financial concerns from the coronavirus,” said Museum Director Oliver Barker. “We want to send a message of solidarity, gratitude and hope to our community.”

This “Thank You Frontline Heroes” illumination planned for the side of the White-Ellery Barn at the Cape Ann Museum Green, 245 Washington Street in Gloucester, was created by Stephanie Terelak Benenson, a North Shore artist and founder of the nonprofit, Harbor Voices…

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Gloucester Restaurants Offering Groceries and Essentials

Thanks to Mayor Sefatia for the great idea! I put together a chart of Gloucester restaurants currently offering limited groceries, pantry items or other essentials in addition to takeout menu items.  I am sure this is not complete and I will take suggestions for corrections and additions and post updated lists as needed. I don’t need to remind anyone how rapidly everything is changing so please be patient with these efforts to supply complete information.

Restaurants with groceries

GloucesterCast 414 With Pauline Bresnahan, Jon Hurst President of Retailers Association of Massachusetts, Peg at Pop Gallery, Donna Ardizzoni, Jimmy D and Joey C taped 5/7/20

GloucesterCast 414 With Pauline Bresnahan, Jon Hurst President of Retailers Association of Massachusetts, Peg at Pop Gallery, Donna Ardizzoni, Jimmy D and Joey C taped 5/7/20

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Topics Include:
GloucesterCast 414 With Pauline Bresnahan, Jon Hurst President of Retailers Association of Massachusetts, Peg at Pop Gallery, Donna Ardizzoni, Jimmy D and Joey C taped 5/7/20

Thank you to the people on the front lines of the crisis that are sacrificing being away from their families- First Responders, Health Care Workers, Grocery Store People, Truckers and anyone else sacrificing to keep things moving.

GloucesterCast Virgins Death Row Meal/Sub Picks

Jon B. Hurst, President

Jon Hurst has served as President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts (RAM) since 1990. As CEO of the 4,000-member statewide trade association, Hurst manages the member services,

education and public affairs of the organization. RAM was organized in 1918 as the Voice of Retailing in Massachusetts, and today represents stores and restaurants of all types and sizes.

Hurst also serves as Chairman of the Board of the MA Retail Merchants Workers Compensation Group, Inc., a non-profit group organized by RAM in 1991.

He also heads the Retailers Association of Massachusetts Health Insurance Cooperative, the first non-profit small business health insurance cooperative authorized in 2012 by the state.

Hurst has served on various state advisory boards, including current roles with the Economic Development Planning Council, the Statewide Healthcare Quality Advisory Committee, the Health Policy Commission Advisory Council,

and the Workforce Competitive Trust Fund Advisory Committee. Hurst has served on numerous non-profit boards, including the Beverly YMCA, Beverly Main Streets,

the National Retail Federation, and also served as Chairman of the National Association of State Retail Association Executives.

Prior to serving at RAM, Hurst worked in public affairs roles for the Hershey Foods Corporation and the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants,

as well as at the Ohio House of Representatives. Hurst graduated from the Ohio State University in 1981.

About RAM

RAM has been the voice of the Commonwealth’s retailers for almost 100 years. Our knowledge of retail issues and our understanding of the challenges facing small businesses in Massachusetts today allows us to uniquely serve our members’ needs. We provide our members with valuable regulatory and policy briefings, money saving tools, and highly-effective representation on Beacon Hill.

Link to article about the new guidelines from Gov. Baker on May 4,2020

Peg at Pop Mother’s Day Top Three Gift Ideas
Pauline’s Gifts Mother’s Day Top Three Gift Ideas
Donna Ardizzoni- Circle Consulting Rick helping people with home teleconferencing and Zoom?


The Village Offering Mother’s Day Heat and Eat

Here’s another great option for your Mother’s Day dinner. The Village Restaurant in Essex is offering a “Heat and Eat” Takeout menu in addition to their regular menu. Order by Friday by calling 978-768-6400 or message them on Facebook.  YUMMMMMM but time is running out to place your order.


Backyard Birds Stopping By

I cannot tell you how happy I am that this current state of isolation and social distancing is occurring as winter turns to spring. Spring brings birds back from their winter homes to our backyards.  Certainly, some have stayed all winter and others are back for the season. I even spotted a hummingbird but didn’t have the camera handy. BUT these are regular visitors outside our big back window.


Ooni/Uuni Pro Pizza Oven Initial Thoughts, First Cook Pics and Video

Northeast BBQ


Yesterday Sista Felicia and I added an Uuni Pro Multi-fuel  Pizza Oven to our arsenal of outdoor cooking devices.  This particular unit can run off of propane, wood or charcoal.  We used it with propane for our first cook and will experiment with charcoal/wood and report back our findings.

The unit performed flawlessly with the gas maintaining deck temps of between 650-725F in yesterday’s cold windy conditions.

We were banging out pizzas as a team.  Felicia prepped them and I cooked them.

Roughly 60-90 seconds per pizza depending on how many toppings or how thick she stretched the dough.

I launched the pizzas so the edge of the pizza was roughly 3 inches from the mouth of the oven.  Then let it sit for about 20 seconds and turned the pie with the peel 120 degrees so that there would be three turns around to get all sides cooked as…

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