“Tide Together” Just Leapfrogged Into The Next Century With These Sweet Bluetooth Marine Speakers That Don’t Require A Stereo System

When Kate and I bought our boat it had a pretty janky sound system on it.  There were speakers that were mounted to the t-Tops with bungy cords and the wiring for it was duct taped down the rails.  The sound system sounded decent but was really trashy looking.  couldn’t have it.  In the console there was the stereo system that took up a bunch of the space and the lettering on the control knobs were worn off.  it was big and cumbersome.  If I had to rate the whole set-up i’d have given it a 2 on a scale from 1-10.  it did provide sound but it just looked like shit.

So after we took the boat out of the water last year I knew when we started to work on it that the duct tape had to go.

After researching I was thinking I might get a large bluetooth waterproof speaker and just keep it in the console but when searching waterproof bluetooth speakers I came across these 6.5 inch marine bluetooth speakers that would run off our cell phones wirelessly.  It paired immediately as soon as we fired them up with my cell phone and then Joey Ciolino tried and he immediately paired up too!

Really sweet way to get tuns on your boat for next to nothing and actually have better options for listening to music than an old school boat stereo head unit.

They’re $65 on Amazon Link to Purchase and Reviews Here

So we took out the head unit (stereo part) and installed these which only require power and they sound awesome!

Listen to them in our test here-


How Does Massachusetts Reopening Impact Our Seniors

Cape Ann Wellness


Massachusetts phased approach to reopening requires the support of everyone. As essential healthcare workers, the team at ABC has had the benefit of working throughout this pandemic and we have a clear understanding of infection control. We’ve followed the guidelines established and it is important to note that we all must continue to respect these guidelines. As Governor Baker said, “the virus remains with us throughout the opening process.” But what does this mean for our seniors?


The government continues to urge that seniors (age 65 and older) remain home unless absolutely necessary. ABC provides MANY of the key programs seniors need to remain safe in their homes including:
  • Shopping
  • Companionship
  • Homemaking
  • Personal Care
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Specialized Caregivers
  • In-Home Modifications
  • Medication Management
  • Skilled Nursing Visits
  • 24/7 Care/Live-in Caregivers
  • and more


This program enables…

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May 22nd Design of Mine’s Virtual Spring Fashion Show Fri 7 PM · An Online Event via Facebook & Instagram


Hosted by Design of Mine and Bridge Cape Ann


It’s time for our annual Fashion Show, featuring our new line
Free People.

Join us live on Facebook >https://www.facebook.com/events/672282993628988/?active_tab=about  and IG > https://www.instagram.com/designof_mine/

Design of Mine / Melissa Tarr
33 Main Street
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Call (978) 491-7495


GHS Drive In Graduation Scheduled

Danielle Denman reports in The Gillnetter that Gloucester High School Seniors will be able to celebrate graduation June 21 in the high school parking lot for a drive-in video presentation of “A Celebration of the Class of 2020”.  Also, a Senior Night Awards Video will be shared with families Friday June 19. Additionally, an in-person graduation ceremony has been scheduled for Sunday Aug 2. More info at this link.

We wish all the seniors well as they navigate the beginning of adulthood in a “new” world. Congratualtions on your hard work and effort over the years! High school website linked here. 

Picture obtained Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0



Owl Prowl

We took a late afternoon walk in the woods the other night and happened upon this pair of owls.  Oddly enough we were on our way out….just about to head to our car….when the two owls started to call to each other.  We stopped in our tracks and soon discovered that the pair where in two different trees about fifty yards apart.  Soon enough they found each other, sat together for a bit, and then separated again.  I wish the sun wasn’t setting and I could have stayed longer for some better shots….but I also felt like they wanted to be left alone.


Cape Ann Whale Watch Season Opening Updated

Captain Jim and Captain Nick from Cape Ann Whale Watch have provided an updated date for the opening of their 42nd season in compliance with the Governor’s reopening guidelines: Monday June 29.

But the good news is as follows copied from their Facebook page:

On a more brighter note, our SIX PASSENGER vessel, The Lady D, which we use for the Ultimate Whale Watch and Deep Sea Fishing has been cleared to take passengers starting on MONDAY MAY 25, 2020. For those of who aren’t familiar with our Ultimate Whale Watching experience, we operate this as a private charter. You and up to five of your family members or close friends (people you are comfortable with) pack up a cooler and enjoy a PRIVATE four hour whale watch! Prices are as follows: 1 to 5 people is $500.00 and up to 6 total people is $600.00. Plus you’ll receive a complimentary ticket to come back with us aboard the Hurricane 2 in the future! You can book that trip on our website at www.seethewhales.com or by calling our office at 1-800-877-5110.

Hoping to see you all onboard this summer! In the meantime, here are some pictures from a spring trip I took with Cape Ann Whale Watch April 2018: