“The Rum Running Shack.” Question from David Arnold

I hail from Bay View and I have also extended to Robert Whitmarsh at the Historical Commission. The old timers back when my father bought this land called the house pictured below “The Rum Running Shack.” It still stands – with effort. Can you get me on a trail that might shed light on this house’s niche in local lore?

Best, David Arnold
6 Sanderson Court

4 thoughts on ““The Rum Running Shack.” Question from David Arnold

  1. I also grew up in Bay View in the 60’s and as kids we used to hang around on the porch of this house and referred to it as The Tilton Hilton due to the way the house leaned !


  2. What you may require is a good writer of fiction to create one… good luck. Interesting that the name “Tilton Hilton” has been around since the ’60s.


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