GloucesterCast 371 With Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Nichole Schrafft, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/22/19

GloucesterCast 371 With Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Nichole Schrafft, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/22/19



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Topics Include:

Podcast survey results

Mom’s Kitchen will be moving across the street to some new digs!

Rocky Neck New Year’s Day Plunge 11:00AM New Year’s day
The Rocky Neck New Year’s Day Plunge

Ororo heated jacket

Ken Hecht writes:

The winners of the Gloucester Holiday Window Decorating Contest are in! And of the 86 participants, by popular vote, here they are!


Kids figuring out how to order from Alexa and parents astounded when thousands of dollars of toys arrive at their doorstep.

Feather and Wedge always a winner. Sunday Brunch happening now (if you’re listening to the livestream)

Train to Celtics $17.50 round trip double decker from Beverly station, you can park in front of Beverly Station after 4pm. No backpacks allowed in the Garden. Sully’s Tap backpack checking service. $10

Tasty Burger: Inexpensive, right outside North Station very good!

Citymapper app for travel is a must link here

Christmas- What is at the top of your XMAS list?

List of places that invited to host us for future live podcasts- Beauport Hotel, Great Marsh Brewing, The Crow’s Nest, 1623 Studios, Mom’s Kitchen (new spot).  We’re taking the show on the road this winter.  Should be fun.

The Human Toll of the 2019 Media Apocalypse More than 3,000 journalists lost their jobs this year.eing a journalist in 2019 meant working under the gun. In January, over a thousand journalists lost their jobs as layoffs hit Gannett, BuzzFeed, AOL, and HuffPostVice laid off 250 employees in February; New York Media laid off 32 employees in March; in April, G/O Media let go of 25 people. New Orleans’ Times-Picayune let go the entire staff, 161 employees, in May after the newspaper was sold to a competitor; in August, Pacific Standard shut down after a decade of publishing. No company or sector of news was spared. NBCUniversal laid off 70 employees in two rounds of layoffs in August and September. Spin Media Group cut 29 jobs in September and January; Cox Media Group, which owns the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionannounced plans to lay off 87 people in September. Sports Illustrated laid off more than 40 employees in October. In November, the Toronto Star and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had a combined 108 layoffs.

Kim’s Topics:
Meteor shower tomorrow night
Eagle on East Main
Nichole’s topics:
Pete Frates 😢.  There are causes, diseases, news stories, etc. that touch different people in different ways and for different reasons. Pete’s story shakes me to the core. Living the life ..on top of the world…crazy bright future… then wham. Truly a parents worst nightmare…..  as I look at my boys and hope/pray what their futures look like.  Yet he did SOOO much good.  Amazing family.
Christmas: married couples should have a sit down meeting and discuss how they are going to attack holidays once they have children. Would I have done it differently?  Less from Santa more from us.  Less gifts in the beginning.  We were so excited for the first few christmases that we set the bar high….now it’s hard to start doing less.
Freddy and I could never keep our stories straight…  it’s a miracle they ever actually believed in Santa. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Finn still 100% believes!  Thatch doesn’t…  there was never a “dude what the hell… what do you mean there’s no Santa conversation”… he just stopped believing.  No questions?? Weird.
Favorite childhood Xmas memories/traditions.
Paying it forward story.  I went to the drive they at dunks the other day.  Pulled up to the window to pay for my large coffee ($2.47) and the girl said “you’re all set.”   The guy in front of me (in a super nice Mercedes) has paid for it. Nice, right?!  So, I say “ok. Let me pay for the person behind me.”  Turns out they ordered $12.60 worth of crap.  What would you have done??


Out shopping with Liv and we stopped top see the beautiful sunset at Cape Hedge.

We mentioned the Ursids during this morning’s podcast and in the meantime I found this handy chart. The best time to see the meteor shower is tonight until dawn.

Ursids meteor shower for Gloucester (Night between December 22 and December 23)
Time Azimuth/Direction Altitude
Sun 4:00 pm 345°North-northwest 34.8°
Sun 5:00 pm 348°North-northwest 32.2°
Sun 6:00 pm 352°North 30.2°
Sun 7:00 pm 355°North 29.0°
Sun 8:00 pm North 28.5°
Sun 9:00 pm North 28.8°
Sun 10:00 pm North 29.9°
Sun 11:00 pm 11°North-northeast 31.8°
Mon 12:00 midnight 15°North-northeast 34.3°
Mon 1:00 am 17°North-northeast 37.3°
Mon 2:00 am 19°North-northeast 40.8°
Mon 3:00 am 19°North-northeast 44.4°
Mon 4:00 am 19°North-northeast 48.1°
Mon 5:00 am 16°North-northeast 51.5°
Mon 6:00 am 13°North-northeast 54.3°
Mon 7:00 am North 56.2°


Give your body and mind a present this holiday season: The gift of Nia and of Restorative Yoga!

Cape Ann Wellness

nia holiday vol 2 graphic.jpg

What is Nia and Why Should I Try It?

Nia is a head to toe wellness practice, with elements of dance, martial arts, yoga, and cardiovascular conditioning. We work with movements that help build core strength while honoring our body with its strengths and limitations. People think because Nia is a no impact movement form, that it is easy and not a true workout. it all depends on how you move and how intensely you use your core muscles. It can be both an incredible workout and is adaptable for those with limitations. All in the same class! Come try it if you haven’t. You will be amazed at the results!  Linda is a certified white belt Nia teacher.

IMG_5059What is Restorative and Why Should I Try It?

Restorative Yoga is a relaxing and nurturing practice that allows the body and mind to relax and well, restore.  All you need to…

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1985 Holiday Lights decorated homes competition | throwback Gloucester Daily Times article #GloucesterMA from Pauline

In response to the recent Holiday Lights posts on GMG, Pauline Bresnahan shared a fun memory about a holiday lights competition sponsored by local realtors on Cape Ann in 1985. Her father, Philip McComiskey, won the most festive home category that inaugural year. This First Lighting Contest held by Lufkin & Brown Inc., awarded prizes in three categories.

Reporter Ken Fish wrote that “Midge Kart’s display on 729 Western Avenue, Magnolia – a combination of red velvet ribbon, Christmas lights and spotlights — won in the most traditional category…Philip McComiskey’s lighted trees at 514 Essex Avenue won the festive award…The creche at Lester Mountain Sr.’s home at 2A Pigeon Hill Ct., Rockport won in the religious category…”

Judges were Fitz Lufkin, Ruth Pino, John Kent, Sharon Surma, Diane Polley (author of Let’s Go! Animal Tracks in the Snow, a Cape Ann Reads Honor book), Susan Scola and AnthonyMilitello. Read the article for the fun details and bonus – find out who was awarded the honorable mentions!

Gloucester Daily Times article, “A Light Touch for Christmas: Light Displays”, by Ken Fish (click to enlarge the photos of the article or here for a Printable PDF “A Light Touch for Christmas” GDT article)



Ken Hecht Writes: The winners of the Gloucester Holiday Window Decorating Contest Are In!

Ken Hecht writes:

The winners of the Gloucester Holiday Window Decorating Contest are in! And of the 86 participants, by popular vote, here they are!


We handed out the certificates and red bows yesterday for recognition of this year’s Braggin’ Rights! Here are some photos of the winners. The number of participants and the quality of the decorations just continue to escalate! Next year will be even better!

So get around town, check out all of the decorations and do that last minute shopping locally! Support your local shops!!!

And a big thank you to all of the participants and voters!


Football Saturday: Carando Spiral Ham

Northeast BBQ


It’s so easy and feeds so many people I almost feel guilty…almost

You take it out of the package, wash and dry it while you’re getting your coals ready for a minion or snake style offset cook with a foil pan underneath to catch the drippings.

The rub: a cup of brown sugar, two tablespoons black pepper, a tablespoon of paprika, a quarter cup of BBQ rub (I used McCormick Grill Mates Mesquite Barbecue Seasoning).

Coat the ham in the rub by packing it on and pressing it to the sides.  the ham is pretty greasy to start so the sticky brown sugar based rub adheres pretty good.

Get the pit temp to 275, add a chunk of apple or cherry wood for smoke, place the ham flat side down offset the coals and over the foil pan and don’t open the cover for an hour and a half.

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Beginner Yoga Workshop Series with Sharon Esker

Cape Ann Wellness

Get Yourself Started!

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:45
January 8, 15, 22, 29
Whether you are brand new to yoga or wanting to reconnect to the basic fundamentals of your practice, you are welcome to attend this Beginner Yoga Series. Vinyasa yoga unites the body and the breath through the creative linking of postures (asanas). With down-to-earth, clear instruction and explanation, you will learn several postures and breathing practices most commonly used in a vinyasa-style yoga class. This series is designed to guide you in feeling more comfortable in your own body and provide you with a foundation to build a sustainable, personal yoga practice.
Investment: $75 for 4 weeks; $20 Drop In Rate
Copy of Beginner Yoga Series.png

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