Chances are that if you see a hawk, it is most likely a Red-tailed. Unlike so very many bird species, the Red-tailed Hawk population has increased over the past one hundred years. The global population hovers around 2 million and its success is due largely to its ability to adapt to a wide range of habitats, including urban, suburban, and exurban developments. As long as their is some open space, trees or tree-like structures for perching, and small mammals, you will find Red-tailed Hawks.

The Red-tailed Hawk in the photos was photographed at Parker River on the luxuriously warm Saturday afternoon last weekend. There were loads of people out walking and enjoying the sunny skies. It was difficult to tell if the Hawk was simply extremely tolerant of people or if he were struggling with an injury or illness. He stayed for a very long time in a small area, over an hour, but flew periodically to hunt in the thicket below (unsuccessfully), and then flew easily back up to the phone lines and trees. At one point, he almost flew into a car driving into the refuge, missing the windshield by inches. I hope that after the gates closed at sundown the Red-tailed was able to right himself and find a tasty dinner.

Restaurant comings and goings at both ends of town: Pier 23 Kitchen at 23 East Main closed and is for sale | Trio at 64 Main Street closed – new owners fresh start in the new year #GloucesterMA

Yes, that's a water inner harbor view_Pier 23 Kitchen restaurant for sale_23 East Main Street_Gloucester MA_20191230_photograph copyright © c ryan.jpg

Pier 23 Kitchen on 23 East Main Street closed. The restaurant is for sale: contact (978) 887-9895. Pier 23 owners and AJ’s contributed major upgrades and renovations at this busy spot. (Mooters, LaRosas, and Cacciatores preceded AJ’s at the Harbor.)

The new sign for Oliver’s Harbor Restaurant and Bar features tiles at each end and heralds a change in ownership at 64 Main Street. The Bragas sold Trio which they had reconfigured after opening Italiano Restaurant in the former La Trattoria space and completing a major renovation and build out replete with a new industrial kitchen. Last year they added additional outdoor seating.

Oliver's Harbor Restaurant and Bar coming soon_64 Main Street_ 2019 December 24_Gloucester MA photograph copyright © c ryan.jpg


64 Main Street on Gloucester’s West End as Italiano 2017 and Trio 2018:



NPR had a list of recycling dos and don’ts. One of them is the removal of labels on water bottles. I personally was unaware that labels of all kinds must be removed or the bottles go to trash. I see how many people in Gloucester purchase bottled water and wonder if they do in fact go to recycling or trash. I was hoping you could post something along the lines of removing labels in your GMG blog. Thank you

Cathie Kenny
Heights at Cape Ann

Yvonne’s Boston

I love the spontaneity of my friends.  With a day’s notice a few of us decided to book a hotel room in the Seaport and spend Saturday night in Boston.  We spent the night at the Westin Seaport, hopped around the city a bit, caught a comedy show at Democracy in Downtown Crossing, then cut through the alley to Yvonne’s…where we were able to score a late 10:30 reservation.

Two delicious Grande Dames (don julio, ancho reyes, cucumber, lime) for me and other yummy cocktails for my friends and then several shared plates including the ones listed below made for a phenomenal dinner.  Yvonne’s eccentric decor is a step back in time and makes for a special night out.

The Supper Club speaks of an older time when comfort and attention to detail trumped trends. The space contrasts a timeworn backdrop and polished décor. Antique crystal chandeliers, overstuffed heather gray tufted sofas, tables enveloped with crisp white linen and hand-clipped Calacatta marble floors. Anchoring the dining room is Locke- Ober’s original Santo Domingo mahogany bar, intricately hand-carved on-site by French woodworkers in 1886. The Supper Club is the ideal setting for seated group dining, business entertaining and birthday celebrations.

DELICATA SQUASH FRITTERS: English Coastal Cheddar, Hot Honey Red Miso Aioli

SPICY FETA Cauliflower Hummus: Pickled Hot Peppers Shakshuka Tomato Red Onion, Feta

CHICKEN & QUINOA MEATBALLS: Chinese Garlic Sauce, Spicy Mayo, Spicy Peanuts

SEARED HALLOUMI CHEESE: Charred Eggplant, Orange Blossom Honey Crispy Chickpeas

FIAMBRE SALAD: Romaine, Papaya, Pickled Beets, Hearts Of Palm, Cotija Chipotle Vinaigrette, Avocado Yogurt, Queso Croutons

ROMAN STREET CAULIFLOWER: Spicy Agliata, Pecorino Romano Crushed Rosemary Almonds, Calabrian Chili

CRISPY TATER CUBES: Joppiesaus, Farm House Gouda Beet Pickled Egg

Check out Yvonne’s HERE

2 Winter Place,
Boston, MA 02108on Google Maps

Call Yvonne’s by phone at617-267-0047