GloucesterCast 369 With Senator Bruce Tarr, Bobby Gillis, Ruth Pino, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/8/19

GloucesterCast 369 With Senator Bruce Tarr, Bobby Gillis, Ruth Pino, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/8/19


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Topics Include:

Ice on the harbor this morning December 8th

Treats provided by Mom’s Kitchen-

Mom’s Kitchen will be moving across the street to some new digs!

Gloucester 400

Senator Tarr’s Toy Drive

Beauport Hotel Live Streaming The Deck The Halls Event (indoor caroling is the way to go)

Crush Cancer Sugo vs Gravy Event at Tonno Dec 4 is sold out but donations accepted at the Go Fund Me page:
Maritime Gloucester Deck the Docks event Wed Dec 4 – Sunday Dec 8. Pat will be volunteering and hope to see you there.
Love Cape Ann
Lobster Trap Tree Lights poll results- Multicolored lights won!
Art Haven Buoy painting begins Monday Buoy Painting Schedule Here
Fish Tales at Gloucester Stage Fri Dec 6. GMG Jimmy and I will be ushering. Again, we hope to see you there.
Meet the Artist Night at Hammond Castle Monday Dec 9: Reserve your free spot here:
Hammond Castle is hosting a number of holiday events this year, so stay tuned!
Jim shares his take on Ladies Night last week in downtown Gloucester.
Kudos to Emily the Meter Elf! We have all been so busy this past week with events, sometimes we might forget that the simple things are most appreciated….like an extra quarter in the parking meter! Thanks Emily!
Call In From Chris and Ralph


Positively pre-historic looking, I was amazed when watching an American Coot lift its foot out of the water. What on earth!

Have you ever seen such wildly wonderful feet?

The Coot’s whacky-looking feet only adds to the charm of this adorable waterbird, with its chicken-shaped silhouette, white pointed beak that ends in a sploge of maroon, and garnet, bead-like eyes. Oh, and when the light hits just right, you can see the Coot’s feet are colored in shades of blue, green, and yellow.

The American Coot’s foot is an all-purpose foot so to speak. The lobes serve the bird well for both walking on dry land and for swimming. Most ducks have webbed feet, which are great for propelling through water, but which don’t work very well on land. The Coot’s lobes fall back when lifting its foot, which aids in walking on a variety of surfaces including grass, ice, and mud.

The Coot’s oversized feet also help in becoming airborne; the bird must run across the surface of the water and flap its wings vigorously in order to take off. Its palmate toe helps it swim, and lastly, the Coot uses its strong feet for battling other Coots.

Before the current cold snap, there was a small flock of Coots at Niles Pond, foraging on pond vegetation alongside the flock of four Swans. They all departed shortly before the snowstorm.

The American Coot chicks are equally as whacky looking as are the adult birds. Image courtesy wikicommonsmedia.

American Coot range map.

Holiday lights and cocoa drives #GloucesterMA 2019

Merry drives and cocoa:

If you’re wondering about holiday lights near you, in addition to the city’s beautiful seasonal trees and festive sparkle downtown, rewarding drives through Gloucester neighborhoods abound. These local homes were shining last week. Can you guess which street was most lit up? Grab some hot chocolate and go!

With each new day, more merry lights brighten December nights. Did we miss a street?

Answer- Reynard Street is dazzling and concentrated. (See if you can spot the back fence illuminated with fish shapes when you go. Neighborhood kids could set up a hot chocolate stand 😉 easy. Walk or drive with the great complete street work by the City DPW.) Other streets with decorated homes: Maplewood, road into Annisquam (coming from Gloucester look off to second story star shining off Goose cove), Rt. 127, Abbott, and) 

Combine it with Middle Street Walk! Mark your calendars: December 14th

Middle Street.jpg




Emily the Meter Elf

Meet Emily. Yesterday she was going up and down Main Street putting extra quarters in each meter as she went along. Just to be nice. Just to share a little holiday spirit. Just to give you the extra 30 minutes  you might need on a Saturday afternoon in December.  Her parents accompanied her every step of the way. BTW, they are FOBs! THANK YOU Emily and family for paying it forward! You certainly put a little extra spirit in my heart yesterday.


Holiday Toy Drive with Senator Tarr and 104.9

Holiday Toy Drive with Sen. Tarr


December 12 @ 6:00 am – 7:00 pm

Help make is a wonderful holiday season for children in need! Once again we have joined forces with Senator Tarr for our annual Holiday Toy Drive, Thursday, December 12th from 6am – 7pm. We have nine planned stops, and all donations stay in the community they were donated in. Here’s where we will be:

Stop 1: 6am-7am: Capitol Diner, 431 Union Street, Lynn. Benefits Family and Children’s Service of Greater Lynn, Inc.

Stop 2:  7:30am-8:30am:  Marblehead Village School, Marblehead MA. Benefits Salem Bates School.

Stop 3: 9am-10am: Flint Public Library, 1 South Main Street, Middleton. Benefits Neighbors in Need.

Stop 4: 10:30am-11:30: First Ipswich Bank, 32 Market Street, Ipswich. Benefits Ipswich Caring.

Stop 5: Noon to 1pm: Aubuchon Hardware, 50 Enon Street, Beverly. Benefits Beverly Bootstraps.

Stop 6: 1:30pm-2:30pm: Lyon Waugh Auto, Centennial Park Peabody. Benefits Salem Public Schools, Pathways and Action Inc

Stop 7: 3pm-4:00pm: Woodmans, 121 Main Street, Essex, Benefits Action Inc.

Stop 8: 4:30pm-5:30pm: Shalin Liu, 37 Main Street, Rockport.  Benefits Action Inc.

Stop 9: 6:00pm-7:00pm: Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 Main Street, Gloucester. Benefits Action Inc.

Special thanks to our very special sponsors: Aubuchon HardwareThe Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and Geico in Saugus.