Thanks to the people that bought my prints I bought all new audio gear for taping the GloucesterCast

All our guests will have their own mics on mic stands and it will be routed through an audio mixer for the live stream.

Plowing it right back in to try to make the blog better all the time. So thanks for supporting my work and know that I’ll keep working to bring improvements for you, our viewership!


Don’t miss this magical (and first annual newly reinstated) “Deck the Halls” holiday event at Hammond Castle. Each of the main rooms of the Castle has been exquisitely decorated by local florists and landscapers, and also draws from the Museum’s own vintage holiday decorations that had been packed away several decades ago.

“Deck the Halls” is just one of the many events designed to engage the greater Cape Ann community. Linda Harvey, the Museum’s Executive Director, and her staff, are transforming Hammond Castle, from a sleepy museum into a vibrant member of the Cape Ann arts and culture institutions.

“Deck the Halls” is open daily through the week, from 10am to 3pm, closing on Friday, December 20th. Plus, if you stop in at the gift shop and purchase an item in an amount greater than $20.00, admission to the Museum is FREE. This is a wonderful deal because the gift shop is chock-a-block full of unique, castle-by-the-sea inspired presents, especially for the youngest on your holiday gift list.

*Note- The nutcrackers are handmade in Germany, not Chinese factory made.

Thank you to Mayor Sefatia for the suggestion not to miss the exhibit, and to bring bring my camera along so our readers will also want to pop on over 🙂




GHS boys basketball home games today! 🏀🏀 And a great read Charles Barkley basketball story

GHS boys bball home games ©c ryan.jpg

Home games tonight! 5:30PM vs. Peabody GHS boys JV basketball / 7pm GHS boys Varsity. (Girls’ basketball games alternate with the boys’ so they’re Away today in Peabody.)

Shout out to outstanding communication by Athletic Director Bryan Lafata! Essential content updated on Facebook and twitter (GHS Fishermen Athletics @FishermenGhs) and all that parent email correspondence. There are a ton of winter sports (boys’ and girls teams; varsity and JV): basketball, hockey, track, wrestling, cheerleading, swimming…

Here’s a must read basketball story. I  know. I know. It’s not a Celtics story. Trust me if you’re a sports fan and have a beating heart you’ll enjoy the read here. “My Pal Charles: An NBA Star, an immigrant scientist, and a friendship no one believed”, story by Shirley Wang for published in Reader’s Digest Dec.2018-Jan 2019 issue.

My Pal Charles story by Shirley Wang reprinted Reader's Digest Dec 2019.jpg


Angie’s Alpaca Socks Are the Best

There are things in your life that you treat yourself to just because it makes sense. Angie’s Alpaca Socks are my weak spot. I just love these and when I realized I’d left mine behind in New York recently, I panicked a little. Luckily for me, these great products are out at many local craft fairs at this time of year, so I now have a new pair. They might seem pricey for socks ($21) but I think I get my wear out of them as I wear them nearly daily in the winter months. So cozy and warm!

“Sea Lights,” presented by LuminArtz, wowed attendees on Saturday in the courtyard of the Cape Ann Museum

“Sea Lights,” presented by LuminArtz, wowed attendees on Saturday in the courtyard of the Cape Ann Museum, 27 Pleasant St., Gloucester, from 6 to 9 p.m. This new annual event featured images projected onto the building and atmospheric music controlled by moving lighted blocks. See the LuminArtz Facebook page for more details.

Photos from Mary Carlin