Holiday wreaths and cocoa drives day #GloucesterMA 2019

Merry drives and cocoa – daytime

It’s beautiful out here! Wreaths adorning decorated homes and businesses make for merry daytime drives throughout Gloucester neighborhoods and Cape Ann.

Holiday wreaths Gloucester MA decorated homes and businesses _New England architecture winter _20191212_©c ryan (14).jpg

Twofers- bonus night illumnation for many!

Wreaths at night Gloucester MA decorated homes ©c ryan.jpg


Merry drives and cocoa – part 1, nights Holiday lights: here

Holiday lights Gloucester MA_20191210_©c ryan.jpg

What is it Like to be a part of Cape Ann Youth Hockey? This.

Such a tremendous video! Back in November, Cape Ann Youth Hockey hosted teams from Montreal, Canada for the annual Sal Grasso Friendship Tournament.  As we’ve shared in the past, this tournament has a long, rich history of friendly, yet competitive hockey between our hometown teams at all levels and the Westmount teams.   Thanks to some organizing by Patti Nocella and the phenomenal work of we are now thrilled to share this video highlighting the weekend.

It is easy to see just how special our hockey community is and that teammate bonds are as special off the ice as they are on.  As a league who does not often have the opportunity to play on home ice…this tournament is also special because it gives the Cape Ann community the chance to rally, cheer, and support these skaters…and for an entire weekend at that.  And, rally and support they did.  The smiles, camaraderie, laughs, and high fives are priceless.  The volunteers, organizers, coaches, parents, families, rink staff, fans…and skaters…all play important roles in this tournament and it is thanks to all that this group of hockey players are creating childhood memories to last a lifetime.

Please enjoy this video….and enjoy this peek into the life of our CAYH hockey community.

Bravo By the Sea

As you know, we attended last week’s Crush Cancer event at Tonno. Many local businesses contributed to the fundraising and we will be trying to support these places whenever we can. Today we decided to go to Bravo By the Sea in Manchester as they were very supportive of the Crush Cancer efforts. We met Ella and Nick and had a lovely late lunch. Jim got the chopped salad and we ordered a meatball pizza. Delicious! Friendly! Nearby! Winner Winner. Thank you Bravo for your support.

Acorn Squash Stuffed with….

Cape Ann Wellness

Through the lens of Ayurveda, we are now in the heart of the Vata season, time to think of adding more sweet, sour and salty taste to our diet to balance and pacify the Vata imbalance brought on by the cooling temperatures and winds.

Ayurveda Wellness Healing loves this wonderful recipe that blends the sweetness of acorn squash. (although any squash is great) with nuts and quinoa. Feel free to also top with a little ghee for extra warming support.

recipe adapted from Whole Living
serves 2-4 depending on how many squash you have


• 2-4 acorn squashes, halved and seeds removed – if you’re serving 2 people get 1 squash,
• 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided, plus more for brushing on the squash
• sea salt and fresh ground pepper
• ½ cup dry, quinoa, rinsed –1 cups…

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Frame up to Fit Out Lecture Series – By Skiff & Basket

Cape Ann Community

Come join the conversation on the history of clamming in Essex, the build of an authentic clamming skiff by students from the Topsfield Vocational Academy and the making of clamming baskets.

The leaders of the project, Justin Demetri, Jeff Lane, Mark Webster, Chris Stepler, and Susannah Winder will host a conversational lecture where derailing the conversation is most definitely encouraged! Come with your curiosity and you won’t be disappointed.

The fun begins at 7PM on December the 18th at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. Tickets are are available on our website: or at the door – $10 for non-members and $8 for members.

You can find the original GMG article from the day the skiff went clamming here :

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