GloucesterCast 372 With Ralph DiGiorgio, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/29/19

GloucesterCast 372 With Ralph DiGiorgio, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/29/19


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Topics Include:

Ralph Brought Coffee from Cape Ann Coffee

Audio Straightened Out

Christmas Recap

The Nest


Trio transforming to Oliver’s Harbor Restaurant and Bar

Lobster Clock from Goodlinens

Mom’s Kitchen will be moving across the street to some new digs!

Rocky Neck New Year’s Day Plunge 11:00AM New Year’s day
The Rocky Neck New Year’s Day Plunge

Ororo heated jacket

Heated vest link to purchase-

Feather and Wedge always a winner. Sunday Brunch happening now (if you’re listening to the livestream)

Plunge For Pete Recap

End of a decade
Patriots predictions vs the spread
Pat got a new oven
Julie Cicolini 8 Lb Tenderloin Roast
Wildlife Update
Kim’s Trip To York
St Joe’s Coffee Shop in York


Far, far down the ridge a little white wedge-shaped dot sat. We were all wishing he would fly our way, but alas, he was content to stay in place while washing his face and preening his flying feathers, with the crowd standing comfortably behind the rope set up by the refuge.

There are two Snowy Owls currently at Parker River and one has been spotted at Salisbury Beach. Hopefully, more will call the North Shore home this winter. The photo below was taken with a 400mm lens and very closely cropped.

Wondering what your home could be worth?

Cape Ann Home

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Kenny MacCarthy I Bob and Sue McDermott I Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

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Practicing Gratitude, Counting Blessings

Cape Ann Wellness

Taking time off through New Years, I was looking forward to some planned ‘down time.’ Be careful what you wish for! 

I have been home with a bug since before the holiday. Generally, I am in very good health, but a lingering cold put a damper on my holiday plans and festivities. I sit at home today, enjoying a cup of hot tea, with honey, lemon and ginger. My Reiki Teacher, Hyakuten Sensei, a Buddhist monk from Kyoto Japan teaches that – “A cup of tea. A cup of enlightenment.” Hopefully, along with enlightenment comes a cure for this cold!   😉

The message on my Yogi tea bag (each bad has a written positive saying or quote), gives me pause to reflect –  “An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.” 

‘End of Year’ Accounting. 2019 is nearly over and I find myself making time for a retrospective accounting of…

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@FishermenGHS Updates

MVP’s of Holiday Tournaments. 2 tournaments/8 games working the scoreboard/scorekeeping/public address both days. Thank you to Kenzie Quinn & Austin Sousa for all their work to make both tournaments run smoothly.


hank you to Cape Ann Savings Bank & President Bob Gillis for a great tourney. Congrats to Marblehead on title, MVP Will Shull (Mhd) & All Tournament Team DJ Bachini (Bev), Connor Vittands (Glo), Peter Santeusanio (Mhd), Gavin Carzello (Westfield).


GHS wins consolation game over HW 65-49. Congrats to All Tournament team Markus Nordin (HW), Marcus Montagnino(Glo), & Doc Blatchford Sportsmanship Award to Ben Renales. Thank you to BankGloucester & President Patrick Thorpe