In spending the afternoon reflecting on the past year’s wildlife stories and photos, I have been thinking about what an extraordinary place is Cape Ann. How fortunate we all are to see amazing and beautiful wildlife stories unfolding in our own backyards each and every day! I am planning a Cape Ann Wildlife 2019 Year in Pictures and hope to find the time to post that this week.

News this year of an increase in Monarchs at the butterfly’s overwintering sites in Mexico, as well as strong numbers during the summer breeding season and fall migration, gives me great hope for the future of this beautiful species, and for all wildlife that we take underwing.

Monarchs flying into Gloucester butterfly trees, forming an overnight roost.

Our community has taken under its wings a pair of Piping Plovers. The two began calling Good Harbor Beach home in 2016. Because the community came together and worked as a team, this year we were able to fledge three tiny, adorable marshmallow-sized fluff balls at Gloucester’s most well-loved and populous beach. Thank you Piping Plover friends and Community for all that you did to help these most vulnerable of shorebirds successfully reach flying age. 

Another definition of “underwing” – three nearly full grown PiPl chicks, all determined to nestle for warmth under Papa

Hooray For Dredging! @MassEOHED @STheken

December 18, 2019 dreding the Annsiquam from Corliss Landing

January 1st at 11AM Rocky Neck Polar Plunge


Come join us for our yearly dip !! Start the new year off with this invigorating and refreshing plunge. We ask once again, to bring non-perishables for The Open Door . We dip at 11am. All are welcome . Please share and bring tons of canned goods.

Location: Oak Cove Beach, Rocky Neck
Parking : Just find a space !!
What to Bring: Canned goods, Peanut butter, Tuna, Juice or cash and/or Checks made out to THE OPEN DOOR

Bring your water shoes as it is very rocky !!

Hope to see everyone!! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️ 💜💗❤️💙💛

More info on the Facebook Page Link Here

Farewell 2019

Although the decade has been tumultuous, 2019 has been amazing. So I feel it’s fitting that I finally was able to photograph an adult eagle nearby. We are absolutely blessed in NY that we have many opportunities to observe eagles nearby but the same hasn’t been true in the Cape Ann area……..until 2019 was closing its eyes and stepping out of the spotlight giving way to a new year and a new decade. Happy New Year to you all. I appreciate each and every one of you.