Cape Ann Community Foundation wishes you a Happy Holiday!

The Cape Ann Community Foundation would like to THANK YOU for your support this year. Because you stepped up and ordered a Cape Ann License Plate you helped us to award grants totaling $15,000 to six Cape Ann area non-profits, Cape Ann Art Haven, The Sunrise Foundation, Education Foundation for Rockport, Generous Gardeners, Pathways for Children and Windhover Performing Arts Center. These grants helped to deliver art programs to low income elementary students, provide scholarships for addiction and sober living, a community observatory for Rockport, renovation of the Betty Smith Garden on Stacey Boulevard, enrichment activities for low income students at Pathways and the Windhover’s Mini Dance Festival. When you order a plate at the proceeds from the plate fund the Cape Ann Community Foundation, not only for the first year but every two years when you renew.

It is easy to give the gift of a Cape Ann License Plate. All you need is:
Driver’s License
Vehicle Registration
Credit Card
If you are unsure of how to order a plate we are always available to help you at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

If you already have a special plate, low number plate or leased vehicle please support the mission of the Cape Ann Community Foundation by sending a check to the foundation at 33 Commercial Street, Gloucester, MA 0l930 #capeannarthaven #the sunrisefoundation #generousgardener #pathwaysforchildren #windhover #educationfoundationofrockport

Read : “The Human Toll of the 2019 Media Apocalypse” by Maya Kosoff

Here’s a link to the story followed by my commentary

The Human Toll of the 2019 Media Apocalypse

More than 3,000 journalists lost their jobs this year. These are some of their stories.

Maya Kosoff


Joey’s take:

You have to feel terrible for these people.  Anyone even remotely connected to the media world has seen this coming for the past decade.

Even though responsible journalism is probably what’s needed most right now, it’s apparently not what is wanted enough of right now.  Not wanted enough for people to pay enough to keep journalists paid for their fair and balanced content.

There’s content everywhere.  Content of varying quality, of varying reliability, of varying substance.

If you notice what’s being consumed, the attention span of media consumers has gotten shorter and shorter.

Look at a teenager’s choice of content.  90% of it are disposable snapchat stories which limit the amount of time it’s even available to be read.  It limits the time of each story is displayed.  Messages get shared and are wiped away.

For teens,  Facebook is a dinosaur.  I understand that Facebook is still a monster for us old folk but they don’t care to get involved in the latest fake outrage politically correct dialogue.  It’s meme culture.  Short hits of content consumed and disposed of.  Swiping swiping, swiping- all so disposable.


People tell you to make YouTube video’s less than a couple minutes because viewers don’t pay attention for any longer.

Video recipes are created in fast moving clips like the ones from Tasty but Buzzfeed is one of the media companies that had to lay off all it’s help.


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Hyperlocal Blogs.   That’s where people spend their time consuming media today.

Outrage culture and psychotic negativity generated by the polarized hardcore political people has been driving people away from traditional media more and more every day.

Is anyone surprised by this?

Not good if you care about getting an honest take about what’s happening in the world without the editor’s filter but ever since cellphone cameras got to a point where photos (worth a thousand words) became as easy to share as tapping a couple of buttons, that’s the rabbit hole our society has been going.

It isn’t going to change any time soon.  Not as long as people can mindlessly scroll through Instagram and Facebook and get their little endorphin hits of laughs or controversy while avoiding real life.

Calgon Facebook Take Me Away…


Barns Along the Byway

We noticed this apparently lost hawk sitting atop a weathervane and I couldn’t help but think he was calculating his next move.

Then we noticed there was a second hawk watching and waiting. I couldn’t help but think that second hawk was saying “If only you’d just ask for directions………”

Now I will be looking at this weathervane every time we drive by this lovely barn.

GloucesterCast Podcast Survey Results





What segments would you like to be featured more frequently?

Anything involving dining and maybe some info about local bands…we have a lot of good music here on the island and it seems like you feature more of the theater stuff, which is great, but not everyone is into that.
Bird and nature theme. And ware to go and what to eat.
Local history
Local events &news from Cape Ann. Invite local business & Artists in the area to let us know what their talent is & what they like to provide to the public
I like it when you talk about food/restaurants. Remember when u did best Italians,pizzas etc
More wildlife
Family stories
I like when you have a question and you poll the guests for answers- it always starts good conversation- and is usually funny too. I love all your friends joking!
12/18/2019 11:06 AM

What segments would you like to be featured less frequently?

See above. Wonderful to hear about local theater, just not relevant for me personally.
Too much talk about nothing at the start of the podcast. The banter just goes on for too long
None!! Keep up the good work!!!
I have no issues with what has been featured in past “casts.” The segments are diverse & represent a good “mix” of the area happenings.
I like them all
Raunchy humor
I like all of it. Even the bird talk – because you make fun of it. And I always learn something!
12/18/2019 11:06 AM

Who are your favorite guests?

anyone from the cape ann chamber of commerce!
Kim, the Dalpiaz duo, Chris and Ralph are great. You’ve got a solid crew. Love hearing from folks who are involved with GMGI and would be great to hear more about environmental efforts here in town, harbor cleanup etc.
Everyone 😊
You are all “favorites.” Esp. Kim,s wildlife reports. (I hope that the new mics wil help with her soft voice. Great mix of cast members, the no holds bared approach is great Love the friendly “banter” keep it up, a casual atmosphere.
Bring back Paul Morrison also Nicole S. Sista F and Kim S.
My grandson Paul t. Russo lol
Ralph Digiorgio
The guests who are funny! The regulars- Chris, Ralph, Pat and Jim, Kim- are my favorites. You make me laugh and I love it.

Please leave any suggestions on what we can do better and what you’d like to see more of.  thank you so much for your feedback!

you guys are so much fun!
Things have improved on the audio side. Someone needs to give Joe a quieter keyboard or move the mic further away from his computer. That tappity tap shit during the podcast is pretty annoying. Maybe move the mic closer to Kim so we can hear her instead of telling her to speak up…some of us simply don’t have voices that project as well. Help the girl out! Also, I don’t know how your podcasts are uploaded to other streaming services but I usually access it from Overcast or the Apple podcast app and that damn Tira-my-coffee episode has been uploaded like 5 times in place of the new episode. Pretty annoying since the streaming from gmg’s website doesn’t always work great for me. I listen on the train and like to use other apps on my phone while I do, so the Facebook video isn’t ideal.
I enjoy GMG…start every day with it!
I luv ya all ya
How about an interview with a local lobsterman / fisherman, kind of a “Day in the life” at work doing their job?
Talk about food, photography and enjoy Joey’s talk of gadgetry. Update us on former “personalities “ where are they now.
I think GMG is spot on you do a wonderful job doesn’t need improvement.
Make it available on iTunes more quickly
I love everything about the podcast. I’ve learned so much about this beautiful city. My mother and MIL are both in different long term care facilities so I spend a great deal of time on the road. The podcast is a refreshing, informative and comical diversion. Thank you for doing what you love!!!
I’m not sure I would change very much. I really like it as is. I’m disappointed if I miss the live feed- that has been the best improvement I have seen/listened to.
12/18/2019 11:06 AM



The chat part where you can write in questions while we’re taping is at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/JOEYGMG

Join the chat, we have lots of fun!

Jazz Brunch featuring Steve Lacey


NYC jazz guitarist, Steve Lacey, returns to Feather & Wedge this Sunday for the F&W Jazz Brunch. Steve will be playing songs from the American Songbook along with some originals. If you missed him at Feather & Wedge in the past, make sure you catch him this time around.

Reservations suggested! 978.999.5917

Sunday, December 22, 2019
10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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