Sawyer Free Library new building presentation March 27

Sawyer Free Library Gloucester Massachusetts_20190306_© catherine ryan

Keep What Works at the Library – Keep What Works at the Library”, Martha Bowen letter to the editor, Gloucester Daily Times, March 23, 2019

Keep What Works at the Library LTE by Martha Bowen Gloucester Daily Times_March 23 2019.jpg


  • ON Tuesday       March 26, 2019 Library Trustees meeting from 5:30-7:30PM
  • ON Wednesday March 27, 2019 there is a Library (new) Building Committee meeting from 4pm – 6pm. The monthly meetings sometimes follow the traditional schedule of meeting on the last Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm, and sometimes they have been/will be combined with Trustee meetings, etc. Do confirm ahead: 01/30/2019, 02/27/2019 02/26/2019, 03/27/2019, 04/24/2019 LOCATION: confirm SFL location if Friend Room or one of two rooms upstairs/downstairs in Saunders. There may be other informal ad hoc meetings.

Since the last meeting February 26, 2019


City Hall from Sawyer Free Gloucester MA_20190306_© catherine ryan

library event page March 25 2019
website 3/25/19

4 thoughts on “Sawyer Free Library new building presentation March 27

  1. Come see our new addition to the Woburn Public Library, a Henry Hobart Richardson building with a brand new addition…the old joined with the new! Seeing is believing!

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    1. Thanks for writing judyquilts. Richardson buildings and libraries are distinct and some in Massachusetts deemed architectural treasures. I helped arrange a gift of art to the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, Ma, back in the 1990s. Whether in Woburn or Quincy, the historic foundational architecture was inspiration and key for future additions. Regarding the proposed new build in Gloucester, that is not so. The “Richardson equivalent” would be the Saunders house, history & art which was neither considered nor on the table, and the thoughtful Monell (misspelled Monnell) addition reluctantly so and still up in the air. As the Saunders house is more one of a kind than the multiple Richardson examples, it’s a very exciting part of Gloucester’s culture. yes, seeing is believing!

      Here is a snapshot from my last visit to Quincy March 7, 2019 after a spring snow storm. Every time I go, most patrons are in the older library buildings. The community access local tv station was integrated into Quincy’s newest build. In the photo the Richardson building is the one furthest back on the left; the middle Coletti addition was funded by Crane family and WPA; and the right 2001 “CBT” (architects) addition.

      Thomas Crane Public Library compound Quincy Ma March 7 2019


  2. I read Ms Bowen’s letter to the GDT. Does this woman have a clue?
    Her letter makes zero sense. She has no idea what a library in 2019 entails. She drew plans at home. Come on!


    1. I do note that similar tone comments, as yours Gloman –just you and one other commentor, on the proposed new library build have come from servers in California, albeit yours here, from TX. Is there anyone involved in the new library traveling, or from CA and/or TX? The author of the LTE is an abutter and patron/customer. Apparently an engaged and interested one at that.


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