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Unlike the UK’s BBC, where Autumnwatch New England aired four consecutive evenings, the series is only running three nights in the U.S., and the Monarch episode is not included in tonight’s PBS version of the show.

The good news though is that the Monarch episode aired last night on the BBC, the final night of the UK series, and you can watch it right now, on youtube!

The series is not yet available on the BBC’s website but it has been posted here [].

A friend shared an email from her sister last night. Her sister lives in the UK and here is what she wrote about Gloucester-

So exciting!
We were idly watching a programme called Autumn watch which this year has been filmed in New England. It has been based in New Hampshire (Lake Squam). They began to talk about the migration of the monarch butterflies when suddenly they are in Gloucester! We had very good pictures of Gloucester which looked beautiful! Lovely pictures of good harbour beach etc…..
They’ve now gone to Boston and are talking about wild turkeys!
What a programme!
Love M.

Just when I get out of the lobster roll rating game, one so horrendous comes along that it pulls me back in.

Here I am at the dock at 5:57PM after coming in at 2:30AM to offload a trailer load of stinky 55 gallon drums of herring so my lobstermen can have bait to go fishing this week.

Just waiting for the last boat to come in to offload their catch so I can go home, eat dinner with my lovely bride, get some rest and what gets pushed at me?

This challenge via twitter-


I’m tired.  I’m cranky.  And I’ve been retired from the horrendous lobster roll shaming business for a couple of years now but they couldn’t help themselves could they?  They had to come at me.  Well if we must…


Aaaaand where do I begin?

This might take the cake.  It really might.

From leaving the spongy tips of the pincer claws in, to the roll that doesn’t have the exposed white part of a New England Style bun to butter and grill, to the seeds that undoubtedly leave you walking out of the restaurant with bits all stuck up in your gums looking like a dope.  The typical easy to spot violation- green stuff.  In this case avocado. How many times do we have to go over nothing green should ever touch your lobster roll.  It’s all either filler (in the case of lettuce or celery) or takes away from the most perfect of all flavors- lobster meat mixed with melted butter or mayo.

What in the hell is so hard to understand?

I think it’s an insecurity thing probably.

They’re not confident enough so they gotta go and throw all this trendy bullshit in to try to create a buzz.

Oooooh! Ahhhh! It’s served on a squid ink roll.  Frankly dear I don’t give a damn.  Pear and avocado-  Ooooh! Ahhhh! Again, don’t care.  Don’t distract me from the main event, THE LOBSTER.

Look Jason Pramas the writer in the article here fell for it.  I bet he’s a Yankees fan.  Probably has pictures of A-Rod on the ceiling over his bed.  Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  Poor guy has his name attached to this atrocity.

He’s going to have to live with it but that doesn’t mean we have to.

We all know how it’s done right and this puke on a roll ain’t it.

Sorry kids this is a big fat- FAIL.

I’m sure they are really nice well intentioned people but please get that shit outta here-

Here are some of the other hall of fame horrendous lobster roll inductees-


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Amy Kerr’s project, I AM MORE, will be hosted at the Action Inc. until October 30, 2018.  Also here is example of Amy’s amazing work.

This month the I Am More portraits by Amy Kerr are being generously hosted at the Action Inc. headquarters at 180 Main St., Gloucester on the first floor and in the stairwell up to the second floor. The colored pencil and pastel portraits of mostly Cape Ann residents of all ages celebrate how we are more than our grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, addiction, eating disorders and dysphoria with an essay written by each of the subjects. The portraits will be at Action Inc. until October 30th. For more information about I Am More please visit, and to inquire about hosting a monthly display contact Amy Kerr at


Gloucester High School theater presents “Mmm..beth” and “Hamlette” by Allison Williams Oct 25,26,27

GHS theater presents MmmBeth & Hamlette by Allison Williams_20181019_105555.jpg

Just two months into a new year and the GHS theater program is ready for an audience! Two acts each performance: student actors were cast for one show or the other, and switch to crew when they’re off.


Nichole’s Picks 10/20 + 10/21

Pick #1: Essex ClamFest

October 20th, 11:00-4:00

Shepard Memorial Park, Essex
The 36th  Annual Essex ClamFest from 11am to 4pm in Shepard Memorial Park in Essex. Although the highlight of the day is the Chowder Tasting Competition- come taste Cape Ann’s finest chowders- there is a great variety of activities, including arts and crafts vendors, live entertainment and plenty of food vendors on-site!

There is no charge to walk the Festival, listen to music, etc.
There is a $10 fee to be a part of the Chowder Tasting.



Pick #2: Halls of Darkness at Hammond Castle

There is little doubt that Hammond’s favorite time of year was October. He had surrounding himself with objects from antiquity, and felt a connection with the spirits of the original owners or artisans who created these objects. House guests that were invited to visit during October were never quite sure what Hammond had in store for them, especially after the sun set, and the candles were lit.

This year, 2018, marks our 30th year of hosting six evenings of Halloween haunts during the month. The theme this year–the “Halls of Darkness”–will be held on the three Friday and Saturday night sets of October 12-13, 19-20, and 26-27, from 7 PM until 11 PM.  The single ticket price is $15.00 per person.  Visitors must park at Stage Fort Park, and ride the free shuttle bus to the castle.  Please do not drive here directly, as you will be redirected.


Image From Hammond Castle at


Pick #3: Happy Birthday to the Navy!

October 20 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm


Photo from

Join the National Park Service, USS Constitution Museum, and USS Constitution in celebrating three birthdays: the U.S. Navy (243rd), “Old Ironsides” (221st), and USS Cassin Young (75th). Participate in hands-on activities for all ages including a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt, watch USS Constitution‘s crewmembers perform boarding pike and gun drills, enjoy birthday cake, and more! There will be a brief ceremony at 1:00 PM with a big announcement from LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston!

Hands-on History Activities11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Knot tying challenge – Visitors can try their hand at tying four basic knots that sailors and riggers use in the course of a day

Tattoos & Stamps – Special commemorative temporary tattoos will be available to wear and for those who collect cancelation stamps a special commemorative stamp has been created to add to their passport stamp book.

Rope Making – Discover the techniques to make quality rope and walk away with your own sample.

Rigging – Blocks and tackle make the task of lifting heavy objects easier. Try your hand at lofting a 20 lb weight with pulleys and see which one make lifting easy

Monkey’s Fist – A weighted line called a Monkey’s Fist, attached to the mooring line is thrown ashore to tie up ships. Test your accuracy by throwing a Monkey’s Fist at a target. Challenge your friends to see who is the most accurate

Thank a Sailor – Help the USS Thomas Hudner Commissioning Committee welcome the U.S. Navy’s newest destroyer by creating a note that will be presented to the ship’s crew when they arrive in Boston later this year. Members of the Commissioning Committee will be on hand to answer questions about the ship and commissioning ceremony on December 1st.

Speaking Tube – Whisper a message at one end of an elaborate tube and your friend will hear it yards away as if you were talking in their ear.

Rosie Selfie Station – Take a selfie in front of the famous Rosie the Riveter background and post it on your favorite social media app. #navybirthday, #usscassinyoung

LEGOLAND – Build your own creation activities using LEGO bricks.

Ceremony & Birthday Cake
, 1:00 PM

Hourly Tours (No 1:00 PM tour)

Fantail Talks
11:00 AM – Bringing a Ship to Life: The Navy Tradition of Commissioning a Ship 
12:00 & 2:00 PM – History of USS Cassin Young

Radio Operators
Radio operators will be on the air all day; there will be Morse code from Emergency Radio (on main deck)

Boarding Pike & Gun Drills, every half an hour from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Trouble Afloat! Scavenger Hunt, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
There are rumors afloat of a pirate threat to Constitution and we need your help to save her! Your group will need about 60 minutes, a cell phone, and sharp eyes to participate in this app-based scavenger hunt created by Watson Adventures. Please email by October 19 to register your group.

Built to Win, 11:00 AM –3:00 PM
President George Washington needs you to build one of the country’s 1st naval ships. Design, build, and test your own mini ship’s strength and speed. Are you up for the challenge?

1812 Games, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Challenge your friends and family members to a game of “Going to Boston,” “Nine Men Morris,” or “Draughts” – a few favorites of sailors both at home and at sea!

Color Constitution9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
A ship launch is an amazing sight! Fresh paint, bright flags, and cheering crowds in their finest clothes made for quite a spectacle when USS Constitution was launched in 1797. Color in these drawings and show us what you think it looked like!

Mister Roberts Film Screening, 3:00 – 5:00 PM
In the waning days of World War II, the United States Navy cargo ship Reluctant and her crew are stationed in the “backwater” areas of the Pacific Ocean. Trouble ensues when the crew members are granted liberty.


As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our good friends at North Shore Kid

Masons’ Open House Saturday October 20th

Together with all Masons’ Lodges throughout the State, Cape Ann’s two Lodges will be hosting an Open House on Saturday, October 20th.  For anyone who’s interested in Freemasonry, now is the perfect opportunity for them to come by the Lodge, meet some of the Brethren, and take a tour.  Refreshments will be available!

In Gloucester, the Lodge is at 27 Eastern Avenue, and in Manchester it’s at 10 Church Street (behind the Church and the Police Station).

thumbnail (32)

Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation

The Silent movie ‘WAXWORKS’
In the Sanctuary on Sunday, October 21, 2018, 3:30pm
Corner of Middle & Church Street, Gloucester, MA
As Halloween approaches, maestro of the pipe-organ and sonic artist Peter Krasinski returns to
the Meetinghouse to accompany the scary silent movie ‘Waxworks.’ As in past years, Peter will
perform on the sonorous 1893 Hutchings-Fisk organ to the delight of the audience, young and
old. A short film, featuring Douglas Fairbanks, called the ‘Electric House’ will open the show.
‘Waxworks’ is a 1924 German horror-fantasy film (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett) directed by Paul
Leni. The plot is about a poet hired by the owner of a wax museum in a circus to write tales
about Harun al Raschid, Ivan the Terrible and Jack the Ripper. While writing, the poet and the
daughter of the owner, Eva, fantasize the fantastic stories and fall in love for each other.
TICKETS at the door, cash, check or credit card
Adults $20
Students $10
12 & Under Free
The Gloucester Meetinghouse (home of the Unitarian Universalist Church) is located on the
green at the corner of Church and Middle Street. An elevator up to the Sanctuary level is
available from the side entrance at 10 Church Street. Event parking is allowed on the green.
For anyone unable to pay, limited free tickets are available. This event is presented in
collaboration with Cape Ann Cinema & Stage. Online information at:

Silent Movie with Organ Accompaniment at the Gloucester Meetinghouse on October 21st, 2018, PRESS RELEASE

Don’t Be This Lady…

Teen and Tween Yoga Workshop

Cape Ann Wellness


In this class, your teen/tween will build confidence, self esteem, strength, flexibility, balance, and positive coping skills as they develop a deeper understanding of their bodies, minds and hearts. With a playful and lighthearted approach, we will work towards more physically demanding postures and flowing sequences to keep tweens/teens interested and challenged. Fostering connection, community with class peers, and self-respect, we will also begin using relaxing visualization, meditation, and breathing exercises to create a well-rounded experience of “union”.

This class is perfect for all levels. The student who is looking to manage stress, the athlete looking to build strength and flexibility, the adolescent who is struggling to find an activity, and the well-rounded child…because we can all use a little mind-body connection in this busy world! Sunday evenings are great time to reset, and your teens will find it easier to fall asleep.

Parents, you can find a little calm…

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