Washing and painting **NEW** look for Rose Baker Senior Center exterior! Juni Van Dyke art coming soon #GloucesterMA

At last in process – Rose Baker Senior Center exterior washing and painting for a fresh look. Fun to see it switch up. Juni Van Dyke art will be installed soon.

washing and painting Rose Baker_Juni Van Dyke art coming soon!- 20200713_©c ryan (1)

washing and painting Rose Baker_Juni Van Dyke art coming soon!- 20200713_©c ryan (2)

Here’s a BEFORE from March 2018

BEFORE March 2018 Rose Baker Senior Center Gloucester Ma ©c ryan



More Holiday Lights and cocoa drives #GloucesterMA

Here are a few more twinkling neighborhood lights in Gloucester,  Massachusetts, from December 2019, including a few GMG reader requests and tips following the “merry drives and cocoa” post part 1.

Holiday lights decorated homes_ Christmas 2019 Gloucester Mass_20191219_©c ryan.jpg

Holiday lights decorated homes_ Christmas 2019 Gloucester Mass_20191210_©c ryan (7)

(you can double click the photos to enlarge and pinch and zoom)


There are plenty of local homes decorated with white lights only or candles in every window aglow with single color bulbs. I love these, too, but my phone camera not so much.

Holiday lights decorated homes_ Christmas 2019 Gloucester Mass_20191219_©c ryan (2).jpg

photo caption below- I’ve always been in love with holiday lights. Personal distinction or traditional inspiriation- I’m grateful for all creative cheer each year. Decades ago ca.1970s, this home and yard (on Lowell Street between Peabody and Lynnfield) was trimmed all in pink lights. Just pink. 

Peabody home had pink Holiday lights 1980s decorated homes_ ©c ryan

photo caption below: Decorated Saugus condos just off Rt. 1 and homes off surrounding streets  if you happen to be in that neck of the woods. 

Saugus condos_Holiday lights decorated homes_ Christmas 2019 ©c ryan
(Saugus condos just off Rt.1)
Lobster Trap buoy tree Gloucester MA © Margaret McDonald 2019
Home is best! Gloucester lobster trap tree lighting photo from FOB Margaret

Holiday wreaths and cocoa drives day #GloucesterMA

Merry drives and cocoa – daytime

It’s beautiful out here! Wreaths adorning decorated homes and businesses make for merry daytime drives throughout Gloucester neighborhoods and Cape Ann.

Holiday wreaths Gloucester MA decorated homes and businesses _New England architecture winter _20191212_©c ryan (14).jpg

Twofers- bonus night illumnation for many!

Wreaths at night Gloucester MA decorated homes ©c ryan.jpg


Merry drives and cocoa – part 1, nights Holiday lights: here

Holiday lights Gloucester MA_20191210_©c ryan.jpg

Holiday lights and cocoa drives #GloucesterMA

Merry drives and cocoa:

If you’re wondering about holiday lights near you, in addition to the city’s beautiful seasonal trees and festive sparkle downtown, rewarding drives through Gloucester neighborhoods abound. These local homes were shining last week. Can you guess which street was most lit up? Grab some hot chocolate and go!

With each new day, more merry lights brighten December nights. Did we miss a street?

Answer- Reynard Street is dazzling and concentrated. (See if you can spot the back fence illuminated with fish shapes when you go. Neighborhood kids could set up a hot chocolate stand 😉 easy. Walk or drive with the great complete street work by the City DPW.) Other streets with decorated homes: Maplewood, road into Annisquam (coming from Gloucester look off to second story star shining off Goose cove), Rt. 127, Abbott, and) 

Combine it with Middle Street Walk! Mark your calendars: December 14th

Middle Street.jpg