As I was filming a Great Blue Heron, and standing as still as a tree, the beautiful Rusty Blackbird flew on the scene, not four feet away! My heart skipped a beat and I quickly turned my camera on the little blackbird. It’s foraging habit of flipping leaves to uncover insects and plant matter was fascinating and my only wish was that he stayed longer than a brief minute.

Scientists only relatively recently became aware of the dramatic decline of the Rusty Blackbird. Reports show that the population of the RB has plummeted between 80 and 99 percent.

As is the case with so many creatures the whole earth wide, two of the greatest threats facing the Rusty Blackbird are loss of habitat and climate change. The birds are elusive, nesting in remote areas of the great northern boreal forest and wintering over in the wet woodlands of the southeastern United States. Over 80 percent of their winter habitat in the southeast has been lost to development. Changes in the ecosystem of the boreal forests has affected nesting and foraging.

Without doubt, global climate change is the greatest challenge of our day. All living life as we know is in danger. Millions of human lives have been directly impacted by the Earth’s warming temperature. We are at risk of losing thousands of species of flora and wild creatures.

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Non-breeding Male Rusty Blackbird (Euphagus carolinus)

GloucesterCast 304 With Kim Smith, Michael DeKoster, Marty Luster, Alicia Cox, B-Side, Heidi Dallin, Cat Ryan, and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/28/18


GloucesterCast 304 With Kim Smith, Michael DeKoster, Marty Luster, Alicia Cox, B-Side, Heidi Dallin, Cat Ryan, and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/28/18


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Happy Birthday to Saturday’s Child

As the nursery rhyme goes: “Saturday’s child works hard for a living”.  Well, that one played out for our boss, Joey! Here’s the front page headlines from the day you were born. You will note it was a Saturday. You may not remember but perhaps your Mom does. Happy Birthday, boss!

Full front page GDT Oct 28 1967

Zoomed in so you can see what occupied the minds of the time……personally, I never want to see the word “Hanoi” in the headlines again…..

Zoomed front page GDT Oct 28 1967