Nia with Linda Wilkes tomorrow, October 17,  10:15 am at MAGMA (Note entrance directions below due to film crew in building)

Cape Ann Wellness

Nia is a no-impact, movement class that draws from a number of disciplines including yoga, Tae Kwon Do, Jazz, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi. Routines are created for safety and joy, all while getting a great cardiovascular workout.  Hmm.. fun, safety, good music, joy and cardiovascular health all in one package. Come experience this healthy and mindful fitness experience for yourself.  For more info, visit my web site

Join us tomorrow as we dance to the fun music of Pink Martini.  If you don’t know the group, they are very eclectic.  Something for everyone.  Here are a few links to their music.  Sway  and Bitty Boppy Betty  Come check it out. Hope to see you soon!  Namaste, Linda

nia pink martini shoutout grapgic


The floor below MAGMA at 11 Pleasant Street is becoming a film set for a few weeks, and during that time we will be using the elevator…

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Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest: Lynne Taylor with an early start time of 5:pm @ The Rhumb Line 10.24.2018

The amazing Red Sox will be playing World Series game #2
this Wednesday evening, so we’ve set up a 5pm start
for this week’s show, featuring keyboardist/singer/songwriter
Lynne Taylor.

So, come on in early… we’ll be done by 8! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan Forsythe! Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
10/31 – Inge Berge

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Couple Crashes Boat In Rockport On The First Day Of What Was Supposed To Be a Yearlong Trip- Doh!

From Boston 25 News

“I’m looking overboard and thinking, ‘Ok, I’m just going to have to jump in,” said Constable.

Instead of jumping in, they were able to climb up on the jetty. Rockport’s harbormasters said if they hadn’t made it off the boat on their own, the wreckage may have gone unnoticed.

“They would have been out there all night if they had not gotten off the boat,” said Scott Story, a Rockport Harbormaster.

“That’s unusual that someone can step ashore in the sea conditions that were out there,” said Rosemary Lesch, a Rockport Harbormaster.

Full story here-

Sailboat trip to the Caribbean ends in Rockport the day it began

Chinese Style Country Ribs Recipe -Marinated-Smoked-Braised and Lastly Grilled

Northeast BBQ


First step marinate the country ribs in Chinese Rib Sauce for at least an hour preferably overnight.  I got this Butcher Block Sauces Original Chinese Rib Sauce at Market Basket.


Set up your kettle for indirect heat.  I used a slow n sear on the right and be sure to line the other side of the charcoal grate with foil as this sauce is STICKY!


Using a chimney of lit coals, choke down the top vent half way and bottom vent half way and adjust accordingly to achieve around 275 degrees.   Once the kettle is up to temp place the marinated country ribs opposite the coals at 275 degree pit temp for an hour.  Add fruit wood (peach, apple, cherry) if you got it for smoke.


Leave the lid closed for an hour .  About 45 minutes into the cook add a half a beer into a foil pan.  I…

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