Top 3 #fish landed in #Boston, #Gloucester & #Portland ports in 1935 Downloadable Report

Top 3 landed in , & ports in 1935: Haddock, cod & mackerel. Total haddock landed: 157M lbs! More historical fish & data in this 1935 report:


A congregation of egrets has many collective names including skewer, siege, sedge, wedge, and congregation. I like the names siege and congregation and the above photo shows a siege of Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets preening after a day of fishing in Jones River Salt Marsh.

Breaking News! Cape Ann TV Will Be Taping Our 300th GloucesterCast At The Crow’s Nest Saturday At 11:30AM

Come on down and party with us Saturday!


Come Join The Fun And Regale Us With Your Favorite GMG Stories While Drinking Greg Souza’s World Famous Bloody Marys.
We will be taping the 300th GloucesterCast Podcast
Everyone is invited, especially FOB’s (friends of the blog) you know who you are!

For More Info Click Here


Adult Painting Workshop

👩🏻‍🎨Adult Painting Workshop 😎
You’ve taken care of everyone else!! Isn’t it time you did something fun for yourself ? Join an adult Art Class – drawing and watercolor painting for beginners. October/November, Monday’s @ 6:00-8:00 pm  (6 week Workshop ) a demonstration at each class, with instructor Kathy Roberts at her studio in East Gloucester. Contact 978-853-7825 or for more details! #caagkgr #fineartamerica/Kathy Roberts

Magma Events in October

“Cables and Lines” CD release show
Saturday Oct 6th 7to9pm
11 Pleasant St Gloucester MA
Benefit for the Open Door
Ecstatic Dance With DJ Blue Spectral Monkey
Monday  Oct 8th 6:30 to 8:30
11 Pleasant St, Gloucester
family friendly dance party $10
Master Class with Alexandra Berger
Sat Oct 13 1 to 4 pm
Magma 11 Pleasant St Gloucester MA
Celtic Ceilidh Workshop With Emerald Rae
Sunday Oct 14th 12:30 to 2 pm
Magma 11 Pleasant St Gloucester MA
Forro’ Brazilian Social Dance Class
Sundays from Sept 22 to Nov 4th 5 to 6:30
Magma 11 Pleasant St Gloucester MA
Every Sunday 2 to 3:30 pm
Magma 11 pleasant St Gloucester MA
Afro-Brazilian martial arts

Mary Rhinelander solo art show at Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck through October 14th

Mary Rhinelander’s resonant show, Collective (un) Conscious, at Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck continues through October 14, 2018. The exhibition, a power packed installation of 12 x 12 mixed media panels, is as much about visual engagement and observation for the viewer as it’s chronicling an individual, accumulated and reflective life. There are plenty of unexpected juxtapostions, dark narratives, quirk and humor. Rhinelander has a sharp eye.



JavaUp Coffee Energy Bars

Coffee that never spills.  Yes, please.

Have you tried these coffee energy bars yet?   You should.  Tremendous.

Oddly enough, formerly I wasn’t a big fan of granola bars, energy bars, protein bars, and the like.  I had tried many and while some were ok, I hadn’t found one that I’d bother to purchase a second time.  That having been said, these JavaUp bars have me hooked.

The first time I tried one was during this summer’s Bluefin Blowout.  JavaUp was on site as an exhibitor handing out samples….convenient for me during a four-day tournament that typically comes with little sleep. Convenient also for the captains and crews out on the water in search of bluefin tuna.  In fact, I heard many sing praise for the JavaUp bars throughout the tournament.

One can only drink so much coffee.  Even if I was inclined to drink more than my morning cup, if I’m being honest, I would absentmindedly set it down somewhere to become cold….or, in ice coffee’s case, watered down.  The JavaUp bars were a perfect way to both have a quick snack AND an extra little boost.  Win, win.

These words grabbed my attention too.  Nutritionally sound. Incredibly tasty. Sustainably-farmed. Direct Trade. And, who can leave out “the energizing equivalent of an espresso in a portable snack”?

That was my personal endorsement….but, read on to hear more about the JavaUp brand from those most in the know…and then go find some in a store near you or order on-line at the link below.   I’d also be interested in knowing where you are fortunate enough to purchase these bars in stores.  I swing by Willow Rest in Gloucester to grab mine once in a while.


JavaUp snacks were born in the Berkshires test kitchen of healthy food and cookie entrepreneur, Lisa Newmann. Inspired to provide real food in an industry that was becoming increasingly artificial, Lisa deeply believed that snacks could and should be a source of nutritional balance and incredible taste. Fueled by the ingredients in a chocolate java recipe from her cookie repertoire, she transformed it into a nutritionally sound, coffee-fueled snack bar, packed with real food. Consumers love the toasted whole grains, seeds, chocolate and coffee — the satisfying and energizing equivalent of an espresso in a portable snack.

Boost your afternoon with JavaUp coffee-fueled energy bars in the office, at the gym, on the road or at your desk. Keep them in your backpack and briefcase to enjoy them while working or working out.


The farms from where our coffee is sourced grow their plants only in the shade — under the canopy of fruit trees, clouds and on shaded mountainsides. These shaded enclaves provide habitats for migrating birds and pollenating bees and no pesticides are used.

Beyond fair trade, JavaUp coffee beans are Direct Trade — purchased directly from the farms and COOPs, where proceeds from their premium products go directly to the growers’ communities — to their schools, health clinics and water systems. The coffee is traceable and the farmers’ practices are documented for sustainability.

Our beans are roasted by artisan roasters at Six Depot Coffee in West Stockbridge, MA.


Crafted for taste from dark chocolate melted with espresso and toasted oats that will send every coffee lover to the moon!

Made with only sustainably-farmed, locally roasted, shade grown coffee.

All that information and more can be found HERE 


Enjoy either Caramel Macchiato: “Made with English toffee, shade grown organic espresso, chocolate, toasted gluten-free oats and sunflower seeds, the Caramel Macchiato coffee bar provides 5g of protein, 4g of fiber, 160 calories and is worthy of the best barista. Spill-proof, portable and delicious, there is an espresso in every bar!”

or Cafe Mocha: “The Café Mocha bar contains dark chocolate, espresso, toasted gluten-free oats and almonds, delivers 6g of protein and 5g of fiber with 160 calories. Satisfying & stimulating, there’s an espresso in every bar!”






You can still JOIN US for Sober October!!!

Cape Ann Wellness

Do you feel like you’ve missed the boat for Sober October?  It’s not too late to join! Even if you’ve had a few drinks or smoked some pot – start a couple of days late! It’s OK!


Email Dave DeAngelis at to get you up to speed and get yourself into the studio to start towards your 15 classes! 

Sober October Challenge

15 Hot Yoga Classes. No weed. No Booze.

ZERO Yoga Experience Required.

A Grand Prize $200 Gift Certificate to

Duckworth’s Bistrot

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and other fun prizes along the way.

You’ll have the opportunity for meditation lessons, a motivational talk, connection with other new people, and a long, silent, guided walk or two during the month. You are not required to do any of that though. Just 15 classes – no drugs, no alcohol.

The depth and breadth of this experience is up to the group and our collective…

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Representing GMG and Usui Reiki Ryoho, in Sedona Arizona

Cape Ann Wellness

Sedona’s Connection to the Sea. Visiting Sedona Arizona in 2004, I was completely taken by its natural beauty. Hiking there was phenomenal and the sense of peace, amazing. I had hoped to return. Finally, this past April I had that chance. While there I was reminded that millions of years agoSedona was under the sea. As the water receded, it left lines of color and draw-dropping scenery of iron-rich red spires and other unique rock formations. Fossilized marine animalssea shells and sharks teeth can be found here.

This area was discovered centuries ago by Native Americans who made Sedona their home. Ancient ruins, pictographs and petroglyphs can be viewed at two protected Native American heritage sites. While visiting the Palatki Native American Heritagesite, I was greeted by two gopher snakes that crossed my path. One crossed on the left, the other to the right. It…

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The BioBus is coming to Maritime Gloucester Oct 6!

Cape Ann Community


Climb aboard a solar-powered, state-of-the-art mobile microscope lab to visualize the microscopic creatures of Gloucester Harbor!

Join us on Saturday, October 6th from 10am-3pm as we host former MG intern and staffer, Mollie Thurman and the BioBus at Maritime Gloucester – one day only!

More info at and

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