If you regularly listen to our GMG podcasts, we often talk about wildlife. As we have seen the great coyote migration, from west of the Rocky Mountains to every region of the American East and South so too are Black Bears migrating eastward and they have become relatively common in some parts of New England. We talked about this on a recent podcast and I predicted that they would be seen on Cape Ann within five years. After reading the story in the Globe about the Black Bear mama and cub in Amesbury, perhaps we will see them sooner.

Unlike coyotes, which are not native to the Eastern U.S., Black Bears are native to Massachusetts. Legend has it that Rockport’s Bearskin Neck is named for the bear skins drying on the shores of the small peninsula. Prior to 1952, Black Bears were nearly extirpated from Massachusetts because anyone could kill a Black Bear at anytime. Regulations passed in 1952 allowed killing only during hunting season. Because of these conservation efforts, the Bears are making a comeback at an estimated rate of 8 percent annually.

Don’t you think it doubly exciting that a female and her cub were tranquilized in Amesbury? This may tell us that males have established territories much further eastward. A male can cover up to 120 miles annually while a sow with cubs stays within a 12 mile range.

I imagine areas within Dogtown would make ideal Black Bear habitat, with plentiful food, rocky crevices and fallen trees for den-making, fresh water, and a wooded canopy with thick understory.  I am looking forward to hearing of the first Cape Ann Black Bear sightings!

Image of Black Bear cubs courtesy wiki commons media

Black bears tranquilized after sitting in Amesbury tree for hours

A mother bear and her cub were tranquilized in Amesbury after they spent much of Tuesday morning up a tree, much to the delight of locals who gathered to watch them.

“There were a few scary moments for the crowd,” said Michele Velleman, a Georgetown resident who happened to be in Amesbury. “Everybody was concerned about it.”

“With the assistance of Amesbury firefighters and police, Environmental Police and MassWildlife first immobilized the sow and relocated her to a wooded location, then immobilized the cub and relocated it to the same location,” said Katie Gronendyke, a spokeswoman for the state’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Read full story here

Organist Peter Krasinski returns for silent horror movie “Waxworks” at the Gloucester Meetinghouse October 21st

from Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation press release: 
Sunday matinee, Silent Horror Movie with Organ Accompaniment – Sunday, October 21st, 2018, 3:30pm in the historic 1806 Gloucester Meetinghouse


As Halloween approaches, maestro of the pipe-organ and sonic artist Peter Krasinski returns to the Meetinghouse to accompany the scary silent movie ‘Waxworks.’ As in past years, Peter will perform on the sonorous 1893 Hutchings-Fisk organ to the delight of the audience, young and old. A short film, featuring Douglas Fairbanks, called the ‘Electric House’ will open the show.


‘Waxworks’ is a 1924 German horror-fantasy film (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett) directed by Paul Leni. The plot is about a poet hired by the owner of a wax museum in a circus to write tales about Harun al Raschid, Ivan the Terrible and Jack the Ripper. While writing, the poet and the daughter of the owner, Eva, fantasize the fantastic stories and fall in love for each other.  Its a thrilling horror movie for the whole family to enjoy.


General Admission $20; Students with ID $10, Under 12 Free (no one turned away for lack of funds; limited free tickets)  Tickets at the door (cash, check or credit card) and online with more information at


The Meetinghouse, home of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, is located on the green at the corner of Middle & Church Street.  Accessible side entrance is at 10 Church Street with an elevator to the Sanctuary level.  Parking on the green is allowed.

Rubber Duck Baseball Playoff Cheat Sheet

In case you just woke up from a coma, a handy graphic to keep track of the world’s most amazing sport, baseball.

NL Los Angels Dodgers: Tommy Lasorda, Dodger Blue, no one likes you, please lose in an embarrassing way to the Brewers. Dave Roberts does manage them and his stealing of second base in 2004 is a very sweet memory. Don’t tarnish that with this sickening baby blue team.

NL Milwaukee Brewers: They have never ever won an NL pennant and so have never even played in the World Series. Yelich is amazing and adorable in closeup shots. Front row Amy, same description but might be more serious. She inks in every pitch of every game. Never even takes a bathroom break. More reliable than Price.

AL Houston Astros: Won it all last year on the back of Altuve. Completely annoying. Please lose to the Red Sox in dramatic fashion.

AL Boston Red Sox: Three World Series Championships in this century. No one else comes close. Are four too many? No way.

If it so happens that Brewers and Red Sox are in the World Series the nation and the world will be rooting for the underdog.
I’m hoping the Sox give Yelich and Amy a big case of the sads by Halloween.

ps. The only thing that would have made it all perfect is Frank from Gloucester calling into the radio station today to chat about how Sabathia got screwed by the ump (He was terrible.) I can hear his voice in my head right now. R.I.P. Frank. We miss you.

Allen Estes joins Fly Amero this Wednesday @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 10.10.2018

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, October 10 – 7pm
My Musical Guest: ALLEN ESTES!

Although he has made guest host appearances over recent
months, Allen Estes has not been my actual musical guest
since way back in April… too long for us to have not picked
and sung together – for damn sure! JB and I love this guy
like a true brother, and it is always a special treat to have him
onboard. He never fails to bring new material to the table,
so get ready for more surprises. There will be fun! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan Forsythe! Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
10/17 – JB Amero & David Brown

10/24 – Lynne Taylor

10/31 – Inge Berge

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there 🙂

Cranes Beach Rainbow


Photo by Sally Giaimo

” Hi Manny,

Thank you  a million times for meeting us at the foot bridge, you really went the extra mile for us. Joe was especially grateful to you for the dining recommendation for Azorean – fantastic, superb, delisiozo!  We went to Cranes Beach to walk off the meal so I could get my fried clam fix, later, at the Clam Box. I hadn’t been to Cranes Beach in many decades. What a surprise!  Biggest, most vivid rainbow I have ever seen, right there at Cranes Beach. We felt super natural vibes ! What a great day!

When my niece Vicki gets over her shock of seeing the magnificent photo you took, she will email or probably call me and I will share, you know she will be  a very happy gal.

Thanks so much for responding to my email.  GMG connects me to my roots and memories that I carry in my heart for the sweetness of family long, long ago. I am so glad for you and your “Gloucester Smiles” photos. It  always makes me wish I could be there, and last Thursday, I was!

With much love and appreciation,

Sally ”

Seals Around Cape Ann

I took visitors to Halibut Point recently and we were delighted to see a seal near shore. It did not stay long though we waited for a reappearance.


To make up for the quick view of the Halibut Point seal, I went over to Brace Cove a few days later and got a good long look at several seals resting during low tide. Always nice to see them again!


Watch These Videos!- Thank You Brian Cashman and Aaron Judge For Providing The Jet Fuel To Propel the #RedSox Past The #Yankees In Te #ALDS #DoDamage


July 31, 2018 Quote from Brian Cashman, Yankees GM “You wonder what their record would be if they weren’t playing us. Because when we go head to head, we do some damage against them, and it doesn’t seem like anybody else is capable.”

Rocket Fuel-Gasoline-Accelerant

This quote from Yankees general Manager Brian Cashman ended up being the slogan on the Red Sox American League Postseason Hoodies and if you don’t think they used it as motivation you just don’t get it.

In Game 1 Aaron Judge the Yankees slugger went 3 for 5 with a homer.

In the first inning of Game 2 with David Price turning in a horrible performance Judge set the tone with a second inning blast hit to the deepest part of the park and absolute bomb.

The Yankees went on to win game 2 and after showering up Judge walked down the concourse at Fenway just outside the Red Sox clubhouse blasting Frank Sinatra’s “New York New York”

Have a listen-

If you don’t think between the Cashman quote and Judge trolling the Red Sox in their house after a brutal loss blasting “New York New York just outside their clubhouse added fuel and motivation then you don’t know sports and I feel sorry for you.

The Red Sox went on to win games 3 and 4 in New York and after the Red Sox won the series in New York they blasted “New Nork New York” to stuff it right back in Judge’s face.

Love it.  Love the rivalry.  Love the pettiness.  Whatever it takes!

Play the video-

And Wally gets in on the action getting the last laugh.

Play the video-


Restorative Reset with Thai Bodywork and Reiki at Treetop Yoga

Cape Ann Wellness


Reset your body, mind, and heart in this monthly restorative workshop. Restorative yoga is a relaxing and therapeutic practice that will leave you feeling calm and at ease.
By candlelight, the evening will start off with gentle pranayama (breath work) and a brief guided meditation to quiet the mind. Feel physical tension and stress melt away as we transition into fully supported yoga poses to help soothe the nervous system.

Hands on reiki, therapeutic Thai bodywork, and essential oils will create a spa like experience as you enter a deep state of relaxation and bliss. You will leave feeling refreshed, nourished and replenished.

Spots are Limited! Pre-Registration Recommended Since Workshop Sold Out in Past.

$35 Investment REGISTER HERE





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