Come Join Us! Good Morning Gloucester 300th Podcast Taping At The Crow’s Nest This Saturday!


Come Join The Fun And Regale Us With Your Favorite GMG Stories While Drinking Greg Souza’s World Famous Bloody Marys.
We will be taping the 300th GloucesterCast Podcast
Everyone is invited, especially FOB’s (friends of the blog) you know who you are!

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A question often asked, “how can you tell it’s a male or female Monarch Butterfly?”

Female (left) and male Monarch (right)

The difference is easy to see when you are looking at the upper side of the butterfly’s wings. On the hind wings of the male Monarch are two black dots, one dot on each hind wing. These dots are actually pockets filled with pheromones, or “love dust.” When the male and female meet, he sprinkles his love dust, and if she is receptive, the pair will join abdomen to abdomen, where they stayed coupled together for several hours.

You can also see the difference by comparing wing veination. The females wing veins are thicker and smokier, the male’s wing veins are thinner.

During the summer breeding months, you can often tell the difference by behavior, especially when near a patch of milkweed. The males vigorously fly about looking for females, whereas the females are more slowly flitting and hovering around the foliage, looking for places on which to oviposit her eggs. Their behavior during the fall migration is such that both male and female are intently drinking nectar, building their lipid reserves for the long journey south.

Next time you see a Monarch in your garden, have a look and see if you can tell whether male or female.

Male and female Monarchs mating and ascending to a Maple Tree from “Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly” illustrated book (unpublished).

First solo museum exhibition for artist Marion Hall opens October 5th, 2018 Manchester Historical Museum

Marion Hall exhibition opening at Manchester Historical_20180929_©Catherine Ryan
Annoucement for Marion Hall solo exhibition opening October 5th, 2018 Manchester Historical Museum, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Ma. ©Catherine Ryan


The Manchester Historical Museum opens the first major solo museum exhibit of Manchester based artist, Marion Hall, October 5th, 2018 with an artist’s reception from 6:30-8:30PM.  The show features recent watercolors and will be on view through November 10. The museum is located at 10 Union Street, within the historic Trask House (1823), Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.

About the artist and scenes from the artist’s studio Continue reading “First solo museum exhibition for artist Marion Hall opens October 5th, 2018 Manchester Historical Museum”

Pet of the Week- Aphrodite

Who doesn’t need a little bit of Greek goddess in their lives?
Aphrodite 1
Sometimes affectionate, sometimes aloof, always able to entertain! I am sort of a one woman cat, I don’t like sharing my space so if you are thinking multi-cat household we won’t be the right match. If you are a one on one sort of pet family then let’s chat. I enjoy playing with toys, chasing feathers, batting around string, balls and pouncing on laser lights. I like attention but sometimes it can be too much and I can get overstimulated so some pats and scratches behind the ears and along the back of my neck is my idea of cuddle time.
aphrodite 2.png
You can see me getting cozy up against one of my favorite volunteers’ leg in my last picture. My idea of the perfect home would be one with sunny spots for napping, soft cozy places to curl up, and of course some loving humans to share my days with. Do you think you may be the one to give this lovely lady a second chance at love? Come on down and visit with me and see if we are a match made in heaven.
To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Gig Rower Race at Niles

I attended my first gig rowers race at Niles last weekend. It was a glorious morning made just for such an event. Dozens of people and several boats gathered together in friendship and in a competitive spirit.  Rowers of all ages competed and it seems a good time was had by all.  It was certainly a demonstration of cooperation and teamwork.

Pathways for Children- Parent Mentor Training

Cape Ann Community


 I was hoping this could be posted on Good Morning Gloucester. I am currently recruiting parent mentors . I would appreciate it. Thank you!

 Pathways For Children-Family Enrichment Program is seeking community volunteers to provide support to parents around vocational, educational, and/or  parenting goals.

·         Meet face-to-face weekly

·         Enjoy activities together

·         Strengthen confidence and self-esteem

·         Get assistance in connecting with local resources

·         Talk confidentially about life’s challenges

·         Create mutual trust and respect

Mentors participate in a 5-week training session on Wednesday afternoons beginning October 17th . If interested, please contact Tanya Cornetta at or at 978-515- 5382

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